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By Osama Rahman

Sometimes judgment isn't based on past records, facts, figures and general knowledge. Sometimes it is based on faith, belief, hope and even perhaps on a prayer. Such judgments are whispered when one wishes to promote their dream, their object of affection or when talking about one's passion. I believe in Bangladesh, for it is my country, my identity, my mother, my home, the vault of my memories and the mentor of my accomplishments. Had it not been for this country, I wouldn't have a place to call home, I wouldn't have any roots…I would have been an orphan. I am duly grateful to Bangladesh, a gratitude rarely expressed by most of the debtors.

The gift of counting one's blessings, over-looking negativity and yearning for betterment are very rare qualities. But rarity is a fancy word to describe the unseen, the unheard and the unexpressed, for we all know of its existence, but decline to accept its presence. Bangladesh has given us so much and yet some of us shy away from singing songs of its deserving praise. Why so? I pondered this question and couldn't come up with an appropriate or realistic answer. We have come far since our independence and we have accomplished so much, but forked tongues and hypocritical minds have dwarfed our success by their rampant allegations, complains and bitter lies. Yes, were other's have succeeded, we have failed but then where others have failed, surely we have succeeded. We know our privacy is protected, we know our plights don't go unnoticed, our voices are not muted, our words are not erased from the pages of history…not citizens of just any country can boast about that.

Legacy of great countries are written with sentences glorifying the heroics of soldiers and great leaders. What is commendable however, is that the pages of our history contain not only soldiers of great leaders, but martyrs, commoners, brave countrymen and folk heroes. The text isn't only about high-ranking officers, powerful figures or such but rather they are sprinkled with everyday heroes. We do not boast of bloodshed for gaining independence. No, we do not boast of bloodshed at all. We boast of pride, our pride for our country and for our language, a pride that the world is in awe of.

But has that pride really disappeared among the numerous tales of corruption? Is it buried within the pile of our failures, deep down where no one cares to look anymore? I firmly believe that isn't the case because though the years have passed, our respect and our patriotism remains ever strong. Every Bangladeshi owes their success to our brave forefathers and the majority lives to honor them. The black sheep do exist, but they do so in every community.

Bangladesh has a long way to go, upon a road which will be paved by the young generation. The path to prosperity is full of potholes and misleading detours, but our people will conquer and we will gain what we want because determination runs in our blood and patriotism is what we are made up of.

We, the citizens, can make a change and we can do so without fear, for we have been bred by freedom, born by patriotism, fed by pride and spurned by raw determination. The future leaders of our tomorrow will be selected by us and let us all make the wise choice by choosing the ideal leader, the most qualified person and one who lives for our country, instead of for us. Bangladesh can make it and make it very far, with each of our co-operation. Let us become the shining example that we once were and if you dare to dream then that day isn't very far….I believe in Bangladesh and you should too.



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