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So after over a year, we decided to join forces again to fight terror and bring peace to mankind! After doing that, we decided to write an RS article. So hi guys! The hot topic assigned to us is summer! And we won't even mention how excited we are. After all isn't summer grand! Isn't summer supreme? Isn't summer something you always look forward to? Isn't summer an awesome thing to read and write about! Boy we are so excited! So here we are and today we are going to see who does what in summer.

School Kids
To school kids' summer means getting up really really late, as always. It includes sleeping with negligible clothing, getting up and wearing negligible clothing and of course watching girls wearing negligible clothing too. Other than negligible clothing, it means going out less, having less dates and a very bad temper. For this reason, school kids usually prefer to spend their time playing all sorts of video games (for guys) and watching OC or Friends (for girls). Not the most productive way to spend the time, but hey these are kids.

College Kids
Summer Vacation is the time for internships, job hunting and other creative work for the more ambitious ones. This is especially prevalent among kids who study abroad and come back to Bangladesh for holidays. It is also worth mentioning these kids are more likely to get bashed by their girlfriends for not spending enough time with them. Then there are others who prefer to be like school kids and spend their time sleeping, watching OC, playing games or going to outrageously expensive ice-cream shops. Ok that's it. Moving on.

Hair is summer's ultimate enemy, so barbers are summer's ultimate hero. While they make a killing and stores the stacks of hair for the bald ones, life goes pretty smooth for them working till midnight, making their wives happy, and slashing those rusting scissors and possibly spreading diseases.

The good folks at Dhaka City Corporation spend their time sitting under their office ACs doing what they usually do - nothing. Of the “many” thing that they do, that is nothing, that includes, serving cold water to their bosses and in general not caring about the state of electricity in the city. These humble and noble men also like to sit semi-nude in their offices and make frowning faces at anyone who comes to them for “official” work. And why won't they? It's hot and it's a bad time to become corrupt.

The Guy who has a Biriyani Shop after his Name (I Think!)
Man. this guy is awesome! Just look at him! He is all over the place! He doesn't care whether it's hot or its humid, apart from occasionally fainting in public, he is everywhere proving that crime doesn't pay and bringing justice to us all! All girls think that he is hot, especially Mishti, Brishti and Srishti! That's one more reason why you should do good stuff for your country.

Politicians (addressing the corrupt ones)
Few years back politicians spent their summers vacationing all across the cold parts of the world, spending a few million dollars here and there as they will. But this summer, they are forced into less comfortable settings, such as the jail! For some it is getting harder to find hair gel, while for others summer seems to finally herald old age, and at the same time summer is causing the prince of the windy castle to turn into a pauper. For the rest of the politicians not in jail, summer means a time for quiet contemplation and in general keeping your mouth shut and praying to God (or whatever they believe in) so that nothing happens to their loot.

They bark and drool, while the peeing dog pees… yeah that's it.

Street Urchins
Mud puddles are their favorites while selling those cold bottles of water is a tremendously boring and tedious job. The only problem is that they don't get most of the money. They get recruited, they sell, and they lose. Poor souls as they are, they don't really get to know the taste of AC, so they decide to accept life as it is, and get the best out of it; frankly, the happiest group of people in summer.

Summer comes and summer goes, but with every new summer comes new hotness and seduction in new forms. But one thing's for sure, no matter how high the temperature is, be it the sun flares or Jennifer Connelly, this duo will surely be there to cover it, only for you.

By Adnan M. S. Fakir & Reggie


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