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“This your life, of who you want to be”-Switchfoot

We teenagers happen to be very sensitive to out surroundings. Despite the fact that we were not gifted with antennas or super sensitive skin to feel the world around us, we sure were given a developing brain and heart which is why every small incident that occurs in our sprouting life leaves a mark on us. Feelings added to our thoughts gives rise to our over whelming emotions and it is during this period of our life that we truly start to realize what we want or desire in our life.

However I was always a completely different case. In the beginning of my teen days I was a blooming child with fresh thoughts and creative designs. But as time passed, I eventually started losing all my interests and the only hobby I ever appeared to have was hating people. I despise any one who told me what is right or wrong, I genuinely cursed any senior who tried to order me about and my world seemed to be in an absolute mess. I who was once a teacher's pet suddenly became a constant target of the teacher's to shred there anger on and I developed an intense anger towards them too.

I was always in a constant dilemma. My folks used to get mad at my ways, they always nagged me around to do my home works and to get off the couch for a change and even I myself was getting frustrated with my lousy performance at school and my insensitiveness to everything around me. Its not that I did not try but believe me I just could not help it. Even my closest friends grew distant. It was as if my brain has signed a contract never to take an interest in anything. I longed to confide in some one but there was none I could go to. All day I slumped in a corner or stares at the computer screen. At times I felt a sudden rush of tears rise to my other wise motionless eyes and people would often find me crying in a corner with my head in the pillow.

But then one day as I was crouching in my usual corner, drenched in my miseries, I suddenly realized that may be whatever I am going through is just a natural course of nature to ready me up for my adult hood and the hardships of life. May be my emotions were just natural and every teenagers go through similar feelings.

From that day I knew that as long as I was in my teens I had to bear through these emotions because being a teenager is a tough job and through all this hustle if you can still manage to impress the world with its many adults then you are sure to turn out a massive success in the near future.

By Mashiat Rabbani


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