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Nor you will cry
Nor will I
Let's team up together
And say bye bye.

To those memories and horrible nights
For which I alone had to fight
Made me feel that the world is fake
Which gave my heart a very big ache.

Both went through same condition
And we also have the same mission
So let's stand up against those orthodox
Who tried locking us in the forbidden box.

By Kaarima Nazat

Our world today

You are now poised to kill
To perpetrate the ultimate offense
To plead, perhaps the warrior's defense
The crime which is mutual for everyone
Sets the world on fire
For those who want to be honest till eternity
Never comes the day to
fulfill your soul's last wish
To save the innocents from the evils
Or be beguiled by righteous innocence
Or find solace in such a nightmare where crime is a common practice
You know war is evil, yet you must
Engage in acts unspeakable and barbaric
To serve the end of humanity
And though the cause be criminal
You need to be a villain
To yield to furies you need not defend

By Nahreen Rahman


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