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By Nayeema Reza

No matter how you may say that Eid is 'boring' or 'dreary', you ought to admit that despite whatever you state, you do don on that new kameez or your favorite panjabi every single year and look forward to the so called mundane day. Oh come on, it's not even close to being as bad as some people assume it to be. After all for guys, Eid is one of those occasions when your mother won't wake you up from sleep with a kick, instead its one of those rare instances when she will simply draw open the curtains in your room so that the sunlight can filter through…and well eventually wake you up (and if that doesn't work, then the kick might come in next anyways!). On the other hand, hopefully waking up at 7.30 in the morning to take a shower wont be as painful since its nowhere close to being winter! We girls however, get the luxury of sleeping in a little! After your return from the masjid, hugging your family members saying 'Eid Mubarak' and gobbling down the scrumptious shemai, shuji and peetha's made by your mother are all just the beginning of a day that is simply brimming with soul and tons of fun. The roads bustle with cheerful people, rich and poor, dressed in colorful attires traveling in rickshaws with wide smiles on their faces while leaving all their worries behind, even if it is for one single day. Indeed Eid is a festive occasion that should not be spent browsing through the net and if you still think that the day is unexciting and ordinary, then please, bear with me. Make this THE Eid you'll never forget…oh well, I might as well be a little 'khet' and say 'Kal Ho Na Ho'!!

Eid Away
While most people stay in Dhaka for Eid, a major percentage of the city's population migrate temporarily to their hometowns and villages for several days at a stretch. If you don't happen to fall into that category but you have a friend who does, then you are just the right candidate to pull off this thing. On any one of the three days of Eid, get ready to visit that friend who is out of town for the holidays (make sure your friend is expecting you!). Since getting bus tickets during this time of the year can get tricky, try arranging for a car and make sure you take things that may come in handy for the little trip. You could start off early in the morning to avoid the traffic jams and once you get there, get ready to have an amazing day!

Now there are plenty of things you cold do since village Eid's are quite interesting. You get to see weird people watching scary (which to them is romantic) Bengali movies in other people's homes and if you can't help your self then feel free to join them! You could set up a BBQ, camp out (if you intend to spend the night there), dive into the ponds, take a boat ride with your friends, play all sorts of games, go cycling, explore the village, fly kites, sit under a starlit sky and have a classic 'Adda'…sounds good right?!

A Party in the Skies
Why not have a party in the skies? No, not on white fluffy clouds and powder white skies…I'm talking about your roof top! Decorate the roof with lamps and lights and invite your relatives, cousins or friends over. Even though it's Eid, you could still ask people to bring a dish with them so that way you won't have to worry about the food. You could have a karaoke night and maybe a little ballroom dancing too even if it's not really a ballroom… but who cares?!

An extra friend can help push when out of gas...

Crashing into Homes
If you have been doing the same old thing every single year, then this proposition might tempt you. Okay; so do you remember all those times when you refused to visit those distant relatives with your parents on Eid because it was just so boring? This year, do go visit them...and get some friends to tag along. I admit, it does sound a little hilarious, but it could really work. Look at it this way- you get free food, you have so many places/houses to go and you have a great time with friends! Since the victims are either your or your friends' relatives, they can't really say anything to you...after all its Eid!

Show me watcha got
This is one of my personal favourites! It's about arranging a sort of drama or talent show at your own house. Anyone and everyone can participate in this one- starting from your grandparents to your little cousins. You could set up a platform and even hook up a mike to your PC and speakers. It might give your grandfather an opportunity to show off how good he is at cracking jokes, even if you had no clue about it. Your own mother might sing her favorite song while your friend strums on the guitar strings. Friends could act out a famous play or write one themselves! The best thing about this is that you get to spend time with people who are close and it's also a way to get even closer.

Go out and go crazeh
Going to Movenpick every Eid for ice cream and 'sight seeing' has become almost a ritual! Doing the things that almost everyone else does isn't such a bad idea after all. You could go on long drives, eat out and hang around with friends all day long. It's far better than sitting at home doing nothing except for staring at your new clothes, wondering when you'll wear them!

In the end, Eid is about celebration and there is no reason why one should miss it. Sadness, hardships and difficulties are all a part of our life. The trick is to live each day as it comes, spend each moment the best way possible. Hope you have a great Eid and a great life. Eid Mubarak!

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