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Son, how can I deny you -
My own limb, even when
You sink your claws unto
My back, snake upwards here
To strangle me?
When I look at you,
You chortle with the laughter
Of my dead children, exhumed
From ashes, water, dust --
However I'd buried them
Cannot deny that they were mine
Stained with love and betrayal
At the grave; it's hard to accept
That we parted, and even tonight
My receding footsteps
Cannot deny that you
Were mine, Are mine
But that I am losing you slowly
Like a hand that falls
Through dead ground and is stuck
A transition that denies
Refusal and rebirth
A caustic stab that
Is also mine, till I
Join you at dusk.

By Alaka Halder

No one can beat the way you are.
Destiny seems to be no far
I can feel your presence everywhere
Scattered around me here and there.
Pearls are those eyes of yours
Achieved by crossing the seven shores
You got lips as buds of rose
Look kike a princess when you arose
Your expression seems to be incanting charms
Just loose yourself in my arms
Your features makes you a princess
To your heart I need the access

By Adnan Malik Rohan


In another world
You came dancing into my life
and we played the songs of love
we shared the thoughts of old
and told ourselves
we would never let go,
Time seems eternal now
it seems to go on and on
and now that you are here with me
this tunnel of love
seems to have no end,
My senses are amplified
and we have become one,
i can feel the power of your love
going through my head to my toes
as we fly on over through the clouds,
My love, This i can say with certainty
that in another world,
or maybe in another life,
i may have not known you,
or may not have needed you,
but baby, in this world
you are my only reason to live...

By Hedayetullah Abdullah Solenkhi

Still missing you
I call untuned strings
My mute opus
Endures a definite ground
Isolated within
Where dreary disjointed
Accounts spans earnest
Attire deceptive though
Beloved, unlike you
Mulling over close rooms
Beyond I climb high
With my bare foots on cold
Yet warmth undefeated
Writes up in blue sky
In the gloomy night
Uncivilly collecting
Hiding shining stars
My frozen tears
That I miss you
And will be missing you
Until dawn breaks; with sun rising through

By Sandarva Gir


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