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By Nayeema Reza

The wedding season has nearly come to an end and those of you who have been to at least one ceremony ought to have noticed a walking talking make-up disaster. Now what you wear to any place is obviously significant, but with a face powdered to achieve the ghost-like complexion and the use of hundred different shades of glittery eyes shadows will definitely catch a lot of attention, the bad kind.

Everyday make-up
A thing common with all teenagers of today is that they all have coaching's to attend. No one wants to go there looking pale thus comes in the increasing usage of kohl. A quick scan through a few episodes of TV shows such as The OC or 90210 will show you that the chicks don't use kohl much, unless it's a special occasion or something. Of course they do apply make-up (layers of it, mind you), but they prefer a natural look instead. You could try that out with blushers and foundations but if kohl and eyeliners are more of your thing, just make sure you go for the good brands. Cheap kohl's might have lead in them, which is poisonous and can even cause death in the extreme cases.

But daily usage of the same old thing can get quite boring. Instead of the regular black, you could try out different coloured kohl or just a little bit of mascara. For the skin, sunscreen is a must and so is a little bit of powder (for oily skin). Also, lip-gloss/Vaseline is essential to keep those lips of yours lustrous. Since using make-up every single day of your existence is quite bad for you(plus you might end up looking like a zombie without it), its better if you can manage to look good without any; you can do that by eating and drinking healthy, staying fit and obviously sleeping right. I know plenty of girls fall asleep talking on the phone, but come on, do you really want those dark circles? Oh, and getting rid of moustaches and bushy eyebrows isn't a bad idea either, but that's up to you- if you feel good with it then go girl! Feeling good is the key, alright.

Well, I really am no professional so I shouldn't really advise you on party make-up. But if you are the type who experiments a lot with eye-shadows and doesn't mind flipping through magazines like Cosmopolitan, Seventeen etc. then you probably know that the only way to get good at make-up is by practicing and experimenting (isn't that the case with anything?!). You just need to know that things like highlighters go under the eyebrows (and are definitely light in colour: whitish or gold, depending on your outfit), blushes go on the cheek and that one's skin should be properly moisturized before the application of any make up at all. And try to avoid cheap products plus don't forget to remove all traces of make-up after a party.

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