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Story: Sharier Cartoons: Sadaat

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By Nayeema Reza

Take a look around. What do you see? Well the answer really depends on where exactly you are but anyway, that's not what yours truly meant to say. The fact is, these days, what all of us (meaning every single human being who dwells in this country) do is nothing but complain. Let it be morning, noon or night- we all end up having at least one thing on our list to complain about. Aunties rant about maids, intractable children and anything that slips into their radar. If they somehow miraculously run out of topics to complain about, then they surely would complain about that too.

Anyway, moving on to the next generation, people in their late twenties generally grumble about their long hours at office or their horribly dull marriages. On the other hand, people who are in college cry over the lack of love in their lives. But when that's not the problem anymore, they swear at the weather till it rains and later, that becomes a problem too. People, make up your minds for once!

Behold, the fanciest 'complainers' of them all are, yes you guessed it, teenagers. 'Oh my boyfriend cheated on me and went out with my best friend' or 'My Daddy didn't buy me a laptop' are just the few things they would sulk about. By the way readers, this article isn't entirely based on this writer's opinion. After taking the trouble of asking a few teens, the most popular problem that females had was their weight. Yes, most of them believed they were overweight and this distressed them greatly. Guys were miserable about not having enough freedom and 'not having enough hot chicks around'. Summing it up, both sexes were troubled with studies or going abroad. Few wanted to get out of their present relationship and well, the list really does go on. What it all comes down to is, enough of the complaining. Either do something about your problem, or else just zip it.


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