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The other side of Football

By Musarrat Rahman

Its not that all girls don't really watch football, there are some girls who LOVE it. Unfortunately, yours truly, isn't one of those girls.

Although, Football seemed like a fun sport to watch last Saturday, and apparently it was a very important match between Manchester United and Chelsea for reasons unknown to this writer even though countless Man U fans have tried and failed many, many times to explain.

It seemed very violent though; the little red and blue men kept pushing each other down!

Manchester United was missing Rooney, a very important (and very good looking in a rugged kind of way) player due to injuries he sustained during a game and Chelsea's prolific striker, Drogba, started the match on the bench.

With Rooney brooding sexily in his glass box, it was down to Dimitar Berbatov to lead the line for the home side.

Chelsea started the game well. They had the ball in control and kept flinging it back and forth, and back and forth before England's Joe Cole scored their first goal after 20 minutes. The Man U fans were pretty pissed of.

United grew frustrated, with many players resorting to fouling to try and slow Chelsea down. How immature! Guess boys will always be boys. Paul Scholes was lucky to stay on the pitch after two consecutive late tackles.

In the first half Mike Dean, the referee, waved away two penalty appeals. Park was tripped by Zhirkov and Chelsea striker Anelka was barged by Gary Neville. Both incidents were hard to judge so Mike Dean probably made the right decisions. But in the second half, it was Manchester United who was the more attacking side. Paul Scholes and Park were replaced by adorable little teenager Macheda and winger Nani and Anelka by Didier Drogba.

Within ten minutes, Drogba was put through and slotted home past Edwin Van de Sar to make it two to zero. Just two minutes later another controversial goal was scored, this time for Man U, bringing the scored to two to one. Chelsea players (and fans) felt Macheda handled the ball into the back of the net.

There was four minutes added time but United could not equalise. Chelsea is now two points clear and so the title is theirs to lose.

Now on to more important things: EYE CANDY. Those players are fit! When it comes to hot players Man U was the clear winner. Rooney, G. Neville, Evra, Hargreaves, Ferdinand… the list goes on and on… While Chelsea only had a handful, although they had Ballack, who's sexiness alone almost evens the score. Watching them running around in those tight shirts, muscle's rippling was worth the ninety plus minutes of my life that I will never get back. They need shorter/tighter shorts though. And what's with the knee socks? Knee socks + knee length shorts are a definite fashion DON'T.

What do boys learn in school?



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