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Close to my heart

By A Teacher

Some words in the English Language are simply incomparable. Words like 'crazy', 'energetic', 'hearty', 'foolish', 'funny', 'wonderful' etc. What an unusual mixture of words. Collectively, however, they describe the class VIII batch of 2010 of Sunbeams.

Usually the 8th graders we get are a mixed bunch. Some so tall that they look older than their years, some so small and timid you could easily pass them off as first graders. Some never stop talking; some never open up. Some batches have taken us for a bumpy roller coaster ride with their pranks. Smearing ketchup on bathroom basins and passing it off as blood. Hiding the Bangla book of the most unpopular classmate up on top of the A.C. How they got it up there, God knows.

Yes this is all expected. The children sweep into Grade Eight with mixed feelings; a 'grown up important' feeling marred with apprehensions of too much pressure and expectation to be handled and yes, at the end of the 1st term when the subject choices are finalised the much-awaited 'free' classes become part of life. The 'hormones' are ready to energise their life and take us teachers on a crazy ride similar to one you take in a theme park. At the end, like these rides we take, we also come to a safe landing, both student and teacher having learnt a lot.

I call this Batch of 2010 special because they are what children, of 14 should be. They have the 'fizz' in carbonated drinks. You know how bad it tastes without the fizz.

They are healthy, energetic, bright and, of course full of mischief. Some events and kids I will never forget. After 50 minutes of dedication (and 20 years of experience), during the 'Moles' chapter Ananyo says with a empty look, 'Miss what is this mole all about?" Padya who missed my 'Moles' class and still hates it like anything. Shatil the impeccable and amiable child who happily took the admonition for having long hair (or looking hairy?). Sakina, neat and tidy and very firm who always pointed out errors in copies as I corrected but not her own.

Samah shy, serious and brilliant but who enjoys all the pranks her class is always up to. Shaida who looks frail and gentle but is a fighter inside. Cynthia with her white long nails that she hated to part with. Sparsho the genius and gentleman and a joy to teach. Shahan who loves the comforts of life (his tummy is proof) and asked for the AC to be turned on inside the huge Science Museum so make the journey so good. Maisha the perfectionist whose work is flawless. Nerissa who always ate on the bus but never messed up her studies (wow!). Taiseq with long eye lashes, the beauty of class VIII. Madhuri, a fantastic basketball player, a good student and a wonderful singer. If will take pages to write about all the 72 students of this batch. So lastly, I must mention Umama, the fastest runner of this batch. My most memorable event was when my prediction on the 'Sports day' came true. I said Umama will win the race and she did. Happily with no inkling of what awaited me I ran to embrace her. The Embrace had a lot of force. Pow! I ran into Umana. She Van into the. I went down like a lame duck. I got up like a startled duck (had any one seen me go down?) Anyway I had a broken arm.

Now I have a broken heart as I say good bye through these words to a very special batch. May each child take a bit of me as they move on in their journey in life. May I stay ever energised with the memories they leave with me in the short span of time they spent with me. God Bless you.




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