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When it comes to underground sporting events, football is much ahead of any other sport. There are countless numbers of basketball fanatics too, so basketball isn't that far behind.

With that in mind, Vertical Horizon, a newly alternative educational institution, with assistance from the Bangladesh Basketball Federation, organised a 4-day under-21 Basketball tournament. Participating teams included Green Minds, Josephites, Big Bangs, Blitzkrieg, High Flyers, Gregorian Aces, CYAT and Vertical Horizon Basketball, all participating on an invitation only basis.

Opening on the 7th of October, Thursday, the teams were divided into two groups, with the top placed teams from each group progressing to the semifinals. Vertical Horizon, in Group A, played Big Bangs from Group B, while the other Group A finalist Josephites played against Blitzkrieg in the semifinals.

After intensely contested semifinal matches, Vertical Horizon and Josephites emerged victorious against their respective opponents. Battling it out in the finals, Josephites edged out over Vertical Horizon with a 48-55 score line. Coached by Mizan Rahman, VH's commendable effort came to a close in the finals while Josephites continued their strong unbeaten run all the way to the trophy.

Shaikh Tahmid Hassin of VH was awarded “most valuable player” of the tournament for showing great performance throughout the tournament (58 rebounds, 36 points, 4 steals) with Tareq Aziz (Josephites) and Julian Richards (Big Bangs) receiving the same award. All finalist participants and teams were awarded medals and certificates.

The organisers would like to thank Bangladesh Basketball Federation and Abahani authorities for helping them arrange the tournament and ensuring fair play throughout. They also plan on organising a similar event next year, so don't miss it next time!

Sponsored by Vertical Horizon and Organised by Bangladesh Basketball Federation

Tournament Director- Tawsif Alam Khan
Chief Guest Mostofa Jalal Mohiuddin, MP. President, Bangladesh Basketball Federation
Special Guest Bir Bikrom, Kazi Kamal Uddin. Basketball Legend.
Thanks to Saqueeb Mirza

Shaer Duita Phish Reaz

An Adda With Legends

No matter how many times you take an interview, no matter how confident you are, that first question, that initial wedge of conversation never gets any easier. It is even harder when you are interviewing pioneers on their home turf. And that is why there are superheroes, to give us lesser mortals the courage to take the leap. And what better place to draw such inspiration from but in a comic book store?

As most of you are probably aware by now, there's a proper comic book store in Bangladesh in the form of Jamil's Comics & Collectibles. While you guys are salivating at the thought of fulfilling your Sheldon-esque hunger for comics, this past Friday, RS caught up with two legendary cartoonists of Bangladesh in an adda hosted at JCC: Ranabi, the creator of Tokai and Ahsan Habib, the editor of Unmad.

When asked about influences, the man at the head of Unmad, Bangladesh's premier satire and humour magazine said he read many comics but mentioned one particular favourite. “I really liked Melvin Monster. It revolved around the character Melvin who was a monster child who wanted to go to school and do homework, but wasn't allowed to. I think it would do wonders if brought to Bangladesh,” says Ahsan Habib. As for the store, he agreed that it was a great initiative and he hoped that there would be more Bangla comics involved. “There are Bangladeshi cartoonists and artists out there, doing good work. And while foreign comics are great, we can also tell our own unique stories in this form.”

Ronobi, creator of the street-savvy and smart-mouthed Tokai, had the story of the early stages of cartoons and comics in Bangladesh. “We had some Disney strips, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck back then. Later, we had some comic series in papers in the 60s, James Bond among them.” He claimed to be an avid fan of mainstream comics in the form of Superman and Batman. Regarding today's cartoonists, Ronobi offers a wry smile, “Kids today are bolder. They don't have to walk carefully in the no-man's-land between politics.” He suggests to Jamil that he should bring in some action figures and T-shirts and other merchandise.

The owner, Jamil, is extremely happy with the response he has had from customers so far. “Our premises are a little confined at the moment. If this level of enthusiasm continues, we'll probably move to Bashundhara City by new year.” Collectibles such as posters and other merchandise will be available soon, as well as fresh shipment of graphic novels by December. He is adamant in his wish of not going against copyright and trademarks laws. “There have been people offering to supply T-shirts, but I have politely declined. If I am going to sell these things, I want to stay within the bounds of law.”

You can find out more about the store and the comics on offer at: www.jccbd.com

By Kazim Ibn Sadique

The Goethe Institut Dhaka has arranged a festival named “Dhaka Safe and Sound: Creative Visions for an Environmental Friendly Metropolis”, at three different venues in Dhaka, namely, The Goethe Institut, Dhaka Art Centre and Shilpangan Gallery.

This exhibition has been specifically aimed at the young generation and hopes to inspire those who are worried about the environment and dream of seeing a safe and sound Dhaka. The German partner schools (PASCH) of the Goethe - Institut Bangladesh have created a beautiful and inspiring exhibition dealing with environmental issues. Projects and exhibits from Oxford International School, Mastermind International School and Fulki from Chittagong are going to be shown in the festival. The festival will be held from 18 October till the 31 October. Other important events will take place as follows:

Opening, Monday 18 October 6pm at the Goethe- Institut, House 10, Road 9, Dhanmondi

22 October from 10am till 6pm 'Go Green!' Day long program at the Shilpangan Gallery, House 2, Road 3, Dhanmondi

25 October at 5pm: 'Go Green and Go further!' Closing ceremony at the Shilpangan Gallery

Helping Every Child Learn

Most educational systems rely on the practice that children will only memorise what is needed in the exams, and not necessarily learn anything, while understanding of the actual concepts are rare.

Education Initiatives (EI), an effort group of IIM (Ahmadabad) alumni has formed the ASSET test to work towards an improvement in India's Education system.

Using a software called Mindspark, which pits students with progressively increasing difficult problems, EI hopes this will allow the students to learn at their own pace.

EI conducts seminars and discussions with stakeholders in the education system like teachers, parents, school management, etc in India and now different parts of the world, with the object of discussion being the need for a proper education system that helps children develop in all aspects.

Such a seminar was held recently at Radisson Water Garden with topic of discussion being "Helping Every Child Learn With Understanding" which attracted a large gathering of educationists from reputed schools in Dhaka and Chittagong. It discussed the ASSET team's experience working with over 20,000 private and public schools in India and abroad.

The seminar was attended by educators of distinguished schools like DPS STS Dhaka, Canadian International School, Australian International School, Sunbeams, The Aga Khan School, Oxford International School, SFX Green Herald School, etc.

JAAGO School Art Workshop

On Thursday, Oct. 21, the U.S. Embassy will sponsor an art workshop at the JAAGO School with two visiting American artists. The workshop will include around 100 students.

During their stay in the country, Andrew Saftel and Whitney Baker will collaborate with prominent Bangladeshi artists, promising art students and schoolchildren through a series of of workshops and outreach activities in Dhaka and Mymensingh.

Saftel, from Tennessee is a professional printmaker, painter and arts educator with a degree in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Baker, hailing from Kentucky is an artist, poet, landscape designer and film maker with a degree in Studio Art from Lincoln Memorial University.

Date: Oct. 21, 2010
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: JAAGO School
86/1B, Sadek Khan Road, Rayer Bazar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1207





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