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Myth Box


Some people require no introduction. In fact attempting to even provide one can be considered the highest act of insult. Rajnikanth is one such person. He may be considered as a superstar actor of the South of India who has conquered the world, but he is much more than that. Rajnikanth can delete Recycle Bins. It's an actual proven fact. If you had five dollars and Chuck Norris had five dollars, Rajnikanth would still be richer than both of you.

Before we go into the epic things of Rajni-proportions, let us first consider some facts about Rajnikanth according to whimsicalmind. wordpress.com. The 3 key facts about Rajnikanth are: 1) Rajnikanth can make a snowman…out of rain. 2) The last digit of Pi is Rajnikanth. He is the end of all things. And the third final fact, which this writer has come across himself is that, Rajnikanth sold Norris out. That's a fact.

It is claimed that Rajnikanth was born on 12 December, 1949. It is also alleged that he started off as a bus conductor. These facts about this cultural icon cannot be proven, as it is impossible to trace Rajnikanth's actual past. Those that know seem reluctant to talk and those that wish to talk can never speak again. At 60 (supposedly that's his age), Rajnikanth broke a few records when he wooed Aishwariya Rai in the movie Robot. Even the most beautiful woman in the world could not resist Rajnikanth aka Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, aka Boss of all Bosses. Indeed, the charm and virility of Rajnikanth can never go unnoticed.

Apart from winning numerous awards for his acting, he also received India's third most prestigious civilian honor, the Padma Bhushan. Apparently he also has a whole monument for himself in Japan. That's right, JAPAN. It is said that even the likes of Sunny Deol do not wish to mess with Shivaji, as he is known in popular circles (meaning only the whole world). Rajnikanth is a one-man show, a phenomenon and possibly the ONLY wonder of the world.

While some of you readers already knew all of these facts, it may come as something new to some others. Those that haven't heard of Rajnikanth, BEWARE. Not only does he have the coolest way ever of wearing sunglasses, but he can turn people into dust with his stare, only when he is not defying the laws of gravity to teach some person a lesson. Youtube Rajnikanth to amaze yourself as you witness some more of his breath-taking (literally) methods.

By Osama Rahman

Lovin' With Dr. Lovelove

The Love Doctor that makes Cupid cry for his mommy…to get his diaper changed.

Dear doc,
I might be having your hardest challenge of an average teen can have, i don't care if its a humor Column, i just need help... im a 15 year old girl, not so bad looks either ( i am N O T exaggerating ) but i am the logical girl of the class. i have one of the greatest monitors who ever lived as a true friend, and a shy girl who has the memory of an elephant.

the story is my class is the nicest class there could ever be... all the cool girls (who are not so cool) are separated from us, same thing from the weird boys. now the thing is a guy who is not the type to who says "ew, i hate girls.." in the way which they call "cooties" and i speak no more. he is different. he in fact he asks the girls and challenges, and all the other things that no normal boy can do, he actually ask GIRLS to beat him with books to try out his new moves. well im a sucker for jokes, and he says them which makes me head over heels for him... the thing is he is not up to telling who he like unless, its his best mates (meaning his friends ) he made a challenge that he would make a sketch of the girl he liked, and it turned out to be a prank on the guys. help me, i'm desperate!

Dear Pyar Mein Twist,
Before I tell you what to do, some thoughts:
I know I haven't been here for a while, but I didn't expect THIS. Then again, what better could I have hoped for? I gave you such good English lessons and then I have to return to this. My beautiful trip to Buckingham Palace has been ruined because of you. And the horrifying mess of your literature strikes even more fierce after coming from the land of the language you are failing to write. But lose not hope, for I shall continue with My lessons, and strive for a better English-speaking patriotic Bangladesh.

And why was I in Buckingham Palace you ask? My dear readers, you will be happy to know that I have been knighted. Which, I realise now, you already know, from the vastness with which the media has covered Me, about it. Your congratulatory remarks are appreciated. So it's Sir Dr. Lovelove henceforth! May peace be with you all.

Now Twista, the solution to your problem, as always, is extremely obvious. You remind Me of an old saying: “What you don't know can't hurt you.” So I gather you must be invulnerable. But fear not, for you have come to fountain of knowledge, and I will tell you all. It is obvious that he is a fellow of few words, of calm reservations, though I shall reserve my judgment of your judgment. But as you say, he tells everything to his friends and I doubt his friends are as reserved as he is. So it's time for you to put your flirtatious shoes on and woo these lonely hearts into your domain. Get as close to one of the guys as you can and seduce the information you need. This will also provide you with an opportunity to get close to him as well and show off the side of you that you think he will appreciate and fall for. When you have impressed him enough, go in for the kill, and he shall be yours. His friendship will most likely be ruined. But you'll be happy. So who cares?

Sir Dr. Lovelove's Column Of English Reasoning:
Obviously, the Bangladeshi public need this. Each week, I shall give you a lesson coupled with an exercise. Whoever sends in the correct answer will NOT be named. But the person whose name I like the most will be.

Simple Present Tense:
I am awesome.
Your task is to write in the same tense in the 2nd person, with
the adjective “amazing.” Good luck.

Problems, inquiries, endorsements and KMAs: dr.lovelove@live.com

Dr. Lovelove

D'Rock Mic Session by the Regale Organization

Currently, Dhaka city has seen the formation of upcoming goodwill organizations that operate with a view to promote the youth of Bangladesh. Several organizations are stepping forward to provide a stepping-stone to the future rising stars. Regale Organization is one such leading events firm of the country that is promoting excellent and innovative ideas to keep the Bangladeshi Underground Music Scenario alive.

They have overwhelmed the youth with their contribution, one of the recent events being the MUSIC FUSION 2009 - one of the biggest and most happening events in Bangladesh after the “D'Rockstars 2”. In between, Regale focused the limelight on upcoming young bands such as Atrocity, Switchlog, Black Jack, Suicide Season, Aushruto, Minus+2, Accolade and many others.

Another of their hosted shows was the D'Rock Mic Session, which was a very recent success. It had captured the imaginations of all types of music lovers. Keeping in mind their mainstream objective, which was promoting new talents, they had concentrated more on how to help convey the new music to the people, ignoring any sort of personal losses. The ticket prices had been set considerably low so as to attract more people. At times Regale delighted the audience with free entrance. This act has been greatly appreciated by a lot of well-known musicians, and we realize that when we saw big names such as Karnival, Crematic-X, Shrapnel Method, Urban Fiction and Funeral Anthem perform in the same stage to rejuvenate the young spirits and inspire others to support this long mission.

The appreciation for rock music was evident when a considerably large crowd showed up for Vol.8, 9 and 10. The most wonderful part of it was that the people were not only given the privilege to enjoy wonderful live inspiring music but also were given an opportunity to spend time chilling away their weekend afternoon, escaping the frenzies of urban life, unwinding and recharging themselves at D'BOULEVARD with a hint of sheesha, crazy mocktails and a mouth-watering menu!

Their next event is “Music Fusion 2010”. Regale is offering us something really wonderful, it is amazing how it has brought young talents together to showcase themselves on one platform. It is my earnest request to the all the music lovers out there to step up and join us in our celebration and help us promote this organization that has the capability to showcase our future Bangladesh.

Credits: Tony, Reshad, Shayaz, Evan, Navid

By Rakin Hasan





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