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Lovin' With Dr. Lovelove

The love Doctor that makes Cupid cry for his
mommy…… To get his diaper changed.

Yo Doc! ooops sorry! SIR Dr. Lovelove,
Ok I ain't gonna waste ma precious time praising you & your weird mind-blowing solutions to our so called 'love problems'. Just in short, if people didn't think you were good, they wouldn't be writing to you anyway!

Alright so here I begin....um a 20 yr old tall girl (& I mean damn tall! 5.11 to be specific!) Other than being a hot chick, um more like a cool, tomboy species. I ain't just talking about wearing baggy pants all the time & smoking in public but I also have the 'beating up guys' symptom in me. I was caught twice by the cops & ma parents had to pay lump sum to get me free. Since then I try to stay away from guys.

Now comes me problem! For the past few months a small, school going 'KIDDO' named Jawed is behind me. I mean he is falling for me! This picchi keeps sending me friend requests & stupid love mails on fb. I keep telling him to bug off, um twice his age & um more like a 'ma' to him but he just doesn't get it! He keeps following me around begging for ma love. At first I thought he's just a kid having nothing to do around, but now I see he's pretty serious about me! He always compliments me & wants to go on a date. When I rejected the kid face to face, he pulled out a small knife & began cutting out the letters of ma name on his wrist! Its really annoying & I can't take it anymore. The only way I can think of is either beating the s*** outta this picchi or get a solution from you. So pls Doc help me out here, will ya? Christine.
P.S.: No fake, I use ma real name.

Dear Gigantaur,
I apologise to you (and the rest of My minions) for having been absent for so long. But once you get knighted, it becomes a life not easy to fathom. Increased fame and fortune have taken me away from you, My helpless little patients. My task was further delayed trying to keep Kate and William (or is it Harry? I keep forgetting which one's ginger. Or not.) together. You go try convincing Little Willy that his girlfriend isn't a gold-digging opportunist. But I ploughed through twenty eight years of royal mental abuse and now I'm back.

The thing you must understand, Big Bertha, is that love is a many-layered thing. Unfortunately for you, there's just one layer. It is obvious from your description of yourself (and trust me, I can tell these things) that you are headed for juvie (assuming you're younger than 15. You're reading RS, after all. Either way, that gives a very disturbing notion that this guy is no more than ten) and you'll die there alone and without anyone really caring about you. This guy that's chasing after you may be the only chance at happiness you have, and a veritable wussy bad boy is just what you need at this point, to dominate and bring into shape. You could be the one saving this guy from self-harm (which, ironically, includes falling for girls like you, but that's a paradox you have to deal with) and give yourself some credibility. Who knows, he could be your perfect stale mate. Research the Black Widow for more details on how to go about dealing with him.

Good luck, My alien giant!
P.S.: Will you guys never have good grammar and spelling?
Problems, inquiries, endorsements and KMAs: dr.lovelove@live.com

By Dr. Lovelove


Awesome Swords

Ever wonder why despite the invention of guns and bombs, the sword still manages to make an appearance in almost every awesome fight scene? Because swords are awesome; what's so manly about taking down your enemy before he barely sees you?

So here is a list of five swords, which can be described as cultural icons in their own right.

The Sword of Omens
Anyone growing up in the eighties and nineties has seen the Thundercats. Wielded by Lion-O, the lord of the Thundercats, the Sword of Omens is one of the most awesome swords ever conceived. The source of all ThunderCats' power, the Eye of Thundera is contained in the sword giving the power to summon all the cats. The sword also gives Lion-O “a sight beyond sight”- combined with that the blade which enlarges during battle and the ThunderCat insignia on the hilt; it most definitely is a sword which we would like to get our hands on.

The Excalibur
Sometime said to the sword King Arthur pulled out of the stone and sometimes the sword given to him by the lady of the lake, the Excalibur is as classic as swords go. Featuring in countless movies and literature, the sword is an archetype of all mythical swords.

The Sting
For the fans of Lord of the Rings, the Sting is a sword to remember. Forged by Elves, the Sting was passed on to Frodo by his uncle Bilbo Baggins. To top it off the sword glows blue whenever Orcs are near - how awesome is that - a sword which doubles as a torch. A torch that can get you killed if you are trying to hide.

The Sword of Godric Gryffindor
A sword made by goblins, adorned with rubies and it can be pulled out of a dusty old hat - the sword of Gryffindor is one of the most effective weapon in the Harry Potter stories. The sword is said to take on things which make it stronger as it did with the venom of the Basilisk. The sword was forged by Ragnuk the First and has the ability to destroy vengeful bits of the Dark Lord's soul - a sword definitely worth having.

The only non-metallic sword in the list, though no less awesome. The lightsaber is a laser sword from the Star Wars universe. No matter how many times you make fun of it by comparing it to a tube-light, you know you would die to have one of these. Whether you join the good or the dark side of the force, the lightsaber is mandatory. Wielded by the Jedi and the Sith, the lightsaber is a deadly weapon - or it would be if it existed.

So to wrap it up, swords are awesome. Period.

By Moyukh



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