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And then they laughed all the way to the bank

Some say that that's Drew Barrymore. Dressed in a sofa.

So, did you guys check out the Emmy red carpet this year? Yes, yes, we do know that the Emmys are sooo last month, so don't give us that look. But that hardly means that we've forgotten the gorgeous outfits on the red carpet - and by no means have we forgotten the outrageous ensembles. And it's not just the Emmy's; the crazy runway fashion that we used to adore is making us flinch by possessing the red carpets everywhere. What does go on in the minds of the fashion designers and the stars' stylists when they dress them in their outrageous outfits? Especially considering the fact that a lot of them can't even pull it off right? We don't know, but we can sure make wild guesses. Which will be probably quite accurate.

It's all an elaborate practical joke: Mind you, the designers who make these outfits are exceptionally talented, well-trained and have a refined taste in general. But that doesn't mean that they don't like to have a good laugh now and then. So, perhaps, the atrocities that we see on the red carpet are the source of this laughter. And whoever laughs the hardest is the one who has the best joke.

Recycling granny clothes: Despite the many differences that the grandmothers all over the world have, they have one trait in common - they all are major hoarders. Be it your mommy's first jumper or your gramps' ancient tweeds, the grannies have them preserved in some rusted trunk or the other. At this day and age, when eco-friendly and sustainable design is all the rage, the designers will obviously want to recycle: and that's where granny's collection comes in handy. It's a win-win, we tell you.

Zooey in a pink bottle

Creative face-off: Limiting their designs to the ramp is oh-so-boring; so now, the red carpets are the new ramps for our fearless designers. It doesn't even matter if Fashion TV is banned in your area *sniff sniff*, because channels like Star World and Zee Café are still very much alive. Hence, their creations get more coverage. Not to mention there is also the opportunity of having a friendly face-off with the other designers.

Major experiment: Consider this: Lady Gaga stole everyone's attention at every single event that she ever attended - all by the power of her ensembles. While no one is anywhere near being anything like Gaga, the Hollywood stars are realising that crazy is the in-thing at the moment (actually, crazy has almost always been the in-thing, but Gaga wasn't around to drive home the point). In other words, they have given designers the pass to do whatever the hell they want . Now, since all designers are not Alexander McQueen, this free pass often times ends up having absurd results. Instead of experimenting in the confines of their studios, they bring out their experiments in public. Prematurely.

By Lady Orochimaru

The Harsh Reality

Reality television shows exist to provide entertainment outside the excess drama that comes in soap operas or sporting events. The creative people behind these think they are encouraging viewers to sit in front of their television and enjoy them. What they don't realise though is that reality shows are real buzzkills. Here's how:


Goes the monster in your stomach. What better way to start our list than cooking competitions? No, it is not about who's eliminated, it's about our continuous desire to be one of those fat bald judges so that we get to eat! Face it, the shows just make you hungry. Your mouth salivates, and when you open the fridge door, there are no signs of ingredients for a chocolate caramel tart yet no shortage of magur mach and korolla. Also, what twisted demented TV exec decided to torture people by showing nothing but Masterchef and Top Chef during Ramadan?

And the winner is…

Not me, that's for sure! Game shows are not fun when you are not the one winning. Seriously, how long can you stand others winning money and cool gifts? Whether it is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Amazing Race or Lost, we really don't care about the mental and/or physical trauma they go through. They are winning cash and they are winning dirtbikes. The green monster in you definitely comes out. Falling under this list is also the very annoying Big Brother.

Go Away!

Then there are the shows where they bug people. Literally. Not with an insect, but with a camera. Only seriously messed up people should find it fun to go through random frustrating acts only to know it was Ashton Kutcher all along. Don't even get us started on Scare Tactics. Yes, we'd rather believe that there are ghosts under the bed than make a complete fool of ourselves on TV. Except, we're not the one getting scared. We're the one wondering if the noises we hear are made by people with cameras.

You are never coming to my house so, what's the big deal?

Is the question you find yourself asking every time they clean someone's house or add amazing gizmos to somebody's car. Makeover shows can be worse than prize-winning game shows. People could actually start experimenting by spraypainting their dads' cars, only to be grounded for a month. And extreme makeover is not coming to give you a plastic surgery anytime soon.

Degrading Self-Esteem

Yes, we are talking about talent hunts. They're different from chef hunts. So people think they can dance, sing, catwalk, wrestle. They can also make us feel less talented and give us the desire to slap them; releasing jealousy, lack of confidence and violent instincts. Not cool.

Of course there are many, many more because everything, including reality TV shows, has its flaws. Facing reality is not always fun. Most of them are full of misconceptions. Every car does not contain drug peddlers (yes Cops, I am talking to you!). So next time you sit to watch Masterchef, just check your fridge first. Reality check, just saying.

By Padya

How to make a movie

We've all seen the movie stars illuminating the silver screens and performing daring stunts. But they are there because of the great writers who came up with the script and the brilliant directors that visualise the story and execute that vision with excellence on screen. But how does it all work exactly? How do they perform the whole operation?

This October, the 4th Children's Filmmaking Workshop 2011 will take place at Bangladesh Shishu Acamedy Central Library. Ten boys and ten girls will be selected to attend the month-long workshop, where they will be taught the art of filmmaking by prominent tutors working in various government and private TV channels. At the end of the workshop, the participants will make and present short films of 20-25 minutes in length.

The age group of children eligible to be selected is between 12-16 years, and preference will be given to creative writing and interest in making films and children's shows. The application forms are available at Shishu Academy and must be filled and submitted by October 10th.

RS Desk

Last week, Bareesh wrote an article on being too old to play in the children's play-space at fast food restaurants. Some of our readers decided to speak up about their own such woes and others took to giving them some advice on possible solutions. Hey, it's free, right? Below are some of them.

Bareesh, at least you got to play [in the kiddie playground] when you were a kid. I wasn't allowed to enter those play-spaces long before I was 'old' because I crossed the height limit early.
Moneesha Rahman K

Fight the system! Then hold your head high when they kick you out.
Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury

I think she should rather hold her head “low”. That way she will stand a chance of being accepted on height issues.
Jonayed Nasir Anik

Bareesh spoke my mind. We need to stand up against age discrimination. We're not old till we're old.
Humanoid Storm

Some people had queries:

How do they detect Neutrinos?
Eshpelin Mishtak

And our Physics geeks answered:

They usually emit a certain pattern of radiation if they're accelerated enough. They also sometimes convert to a “sister” particle which has a charge that can be detected by conventional means.
Shaer Reaz

And of course, Rasul got some love:

I don't remember ever reading something by Rasul that didn't leave me craving for more.
Humanoid Storm

If you have comments, love-mails, hate-mails, issues with RS, you can e-mail us at ds.risingstars@gmail.com or join us on www.facebook.com/DSRisingStars.



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