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Life's a chore. You're pulled out of the womb screaming and fighting. Later you go on quests and discover, to your immense disappointment, that a cockroach isn't tasty. Or maybe at 3 years old, it is tasty. Then there are books to read. School, meh. You grow up further to realise things don't really come for free. An iPad is pricey but you want it, not necessarily the same as needing it. You fight for freedom. Or you just fight in the school playground. Bullies. For some, there be monsters under the bed.

And one fine day, you're a grownup. But before that happens, it sounds like a game. Speaking of which, gaming is the biggest thing for young people these days, almost a 16 billion dollar industry. It's more than a pastime. It's a profession, hobby and some even call it a sport. Which is why we highlight one of the uncommon but most important gaming related professions: that of voice acting. That and how gamers are making a dent in how we see the world. Change is happening and it's happening fast.

~ Ehsanur Raza Ronny

This One is for The Teachers

“You mad, bro?”
- A student, when asked why cheating in the exam should not be promoted.

Every day, every minute all over the world, there are about 139.5 students who are trying to consciously and instantaneously lift the limits on their eyesight so that they can sneak a peek from the paper of the dude sitting a desk away (one is fighting his conscience, henceforth comes the fraction). The occasion is the same; the enemy is the One: examination. E for enemy, E for examination. About 99 in every 100 feel the necessity to skip challenging their intellect and copy from others i.e. cheat. This article is not for you. We at Rising Stars abhor those who adopt unfair means in the exams. We, after all, want the best for you, kind of like your parents; or your elder brother.

Just because you can't see the teacher doesn't mean that he can't see you
If you have ever stood in front of the class while the students are somewhat settled down, you will know what I am talking about. You hunch down low, take cover behind that broad guy's back and whisper. You think the teacher can't see you? Or can't guess something is amiss? You are wrong.

“I sense a disturbance in the Force.”
- The Teacher

Like that, yes.

You are up to no good if you bob up and down to go to the toilet in the middle of the exam
Unless you are a diabetic patient and you forgot your medication, all that squirming is not adding up. No serious student feels the need to visit the lavatory in the middle of a bubbling chemistry test. The teacher knows that there is someone or something in the lavatory that will help you. Putting books in such an unholy place is very appalling. Do not do this anymore.

Rolling sheets of paper in your pen fools no one
Except you. It is very tough to find out the answers to the correct question amidst all the pressure of the exam and time constraints. Same goes for all the clues or key-letters you had written on your wooden scale, pencil box or your desk even. Besides, you will find out that you remember those stuff anyway without looking at them (unless you are extremely stupid). Such a waste of effort.

Texting (The popular joke about smiling weirdly while looking... down will not be mentioned)

Technological advancement: it made us dependant on machines so much that you are allowed to bring your cell phone to the exam hall. Texting is slowly getting on the teacher's book. They LOL in their minds at your efforts to hide the fact that you're cheating.

Your Scientific Calculator
Come on, dude. Almost everyone knows how to store formulas and save data in your Casio fx-100MS. You are not convincing anyone when you bring your calculator to the Humanities exam.

Seriously, man. Study. Don't bother with nonsense like cheating in the exam. The teacher knows; he always knows. Someday he might choose not to ignore it. You will be in deep trouble then.

But if you are bent on this farce:
“Don't get caught.”

- A senior.

By Jawad

If you can't see the text there, neither can we. But this is Superman cheating in his exams. He has supersight.
Sure, you're only just checking the time... every 60 seconds.

Here's a snippet of what our readers, writers and online trolls had to say the last couple of weeks. If you have something to rant about, mail us at ds.risingstars@gmail.com or join us on Facebook at www.faceboook.com/DSRisingstars.

Muhammad Nazmul Huda Unlike, no Babu :(
Shaer Reaz Yay, no Babu.
Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury Babu been cancelled?
Mushfiq Redwanuz Zaman Nooooooooo. Me want Babuuuuuuuuu.
Mushfiq Redwanuz Zaman RS is incomplete without comics, want to bring back Beetle Bailey like the old times?

Samiul Mahin Babu or no Babu, the 30 second bunnies (article) was exquisite. Bunnies are divine! Page 3 is usually the most neglected, but recently it has been redeemed. Letting Bareesh loose has paid off handsomely! Thanks Nutboltu for finally bringing bikes into the fray. Loved Jawad's book review. Please do review more books for the bookworms like me!

Most of the times, the only thing that bugs me about RS is that it's way too short. I wait 8640 minutes every week and it takes me barely 20 minutes to read each and every word of the issue! I'd be on cloud nine if RS fattened up somehow.

Apparently more RS pages mean more trees need to die. You willing to have that on your conscience? - RS

Rafeed Rahman Turjya The Beta Writers piece was excellent. Waiting eagerly when a writer will write about the "EFFECTS" of "TWILIGHT" on girls!

Nadia Hossain It would be so epic to see an article on effect of twilight on guys!

Humanoid Storm RASUL! RASUL! I WANT RASUL! No more excuses. Just RASUL! Get him to write or I'll set RS (my) on fire!!

Aura Alin Loved this week's issue! AWESOME as always! Just one thing, how can you talk about lyrical idiocy and NOT mention Rebecca Black's FRIDAY? That just tops the list. :P

We started with her many issues ago - RS


Writers: Young people have minds like a cheese factory. It's so full of awesome. If you're one of those and you want to write down all that awesome for all the world to see, work for us. We'll even pay you if you ask nicely.

If you're between 14-20 years of age, send us your CV with a couple of sample write-ups. You will be required to come to office at least once a week. Write to your strengths. Make us laugh, make us think. Pay is a little better than sitting on the street with a placard around the neck. Further details come during the interview.

Any budding illustrators & photographers willing to work as freelancers are also welcome.

Mail to ds.risingstars@gmail.com Deadline: 24 December 2011



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