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Harmless fun or sanctioned bullying? That's a very fine line seniors tread when they carry out an initiation ritual for fresh new students. In Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, this is know as ragging (and 'hazing' everywhere else). In some of our esteemed institutions like BUET or IBA, this is a loved and revered tradition. But it takes very little to turn it into something malicious. There are groups in India like Coalition to Uproot Ragging from Education (CURE) and Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) that work against ragging. They want to make the country ragging-free. What do we have? Nothing. What we do have though is the RS take on ragging and excerpts from people who have been and are 'raggers'. Let us know what you think. For or against?

~ Ehsanur Raza Ronny

Here are some snippets of what our readers, writers and online trolls had to say last week. If you have something to rant about, mail us at ds.risingstars@gmail.com or join us on Facebook at www.faceboook.com/DSRisingstars.

Mustabeen Qazi
Totally loved your last issue, the lollipop sharing story really touched the heart. Sometimes children do more greatness than us, admit it or not. And yes, I agree with the popular demand for comics getting back in the last page again!

Ahmed Hasan Sami
No... No... (chittkar...) Where is Babu? Thanks to Padya Paramita. Hope that I'll get more cards on my next Birthday :D
@Jawad: Who is this 'A Senior' buddy?

Samiul Mahin
The look on mom's face when she saw the cheat pics on Jawad's fabulous article was worth my depleted grades because of not cheating! She almost had a stroke!

Shatadhi Dutta

Saif Ahmed
Thanks a lot to Mahir for "Voices Behind The Scenes'' (I didn't know Nolan North was the voice of all those characters. Hats off to his talent. :D ) Also ''Trials Of The Newly Single'' by Dark Brown Eyes was interesting.

Humanoid Storm
Trials of the newly single was just LAME. It seemed like the rantings of someone desperate for a boy friend. Reading the article gives you the impression that the writer thinks that love is just a trend. 'She Has To Get A Boy Friend Because All Of Her Friends Do." Really? That's just ludicrous. I thought RS always published something different. Where's the difference in this? Most typical teenagers see love as a trend. What's love? What's a relationship? Just a hype to them. Just a game. Just a way of gaining prestige among friends. Disappointing.

Faisal Tareq
Trials of the newly single was hilarious mainly because I could assign all those 'types' to so many of the guys that make up all the guys I knew through school, college and work. But it's not so bleak a situation. It's not a one in a million case, more like 1 in every 10 or so.

What colour is Coca Cola without the food colouring added? Green. On that same line of food related silliness, margarine would be grey if no colour was added to it. Of course, margarine that is green is not Coke flavoured. It has simply overstayed its welcome in the refrigerator.

So there you go. Absolutely useless pieces of knowledge. Speaking of knowledge did you know there's a word for the fear of knowledge/learning/wisdom? SOPHOPHOBIA. A lot of our ministers have it. No known cure exist.

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Your Posture Affects Your Decision Making

Scientists have found that if you lean to the left, you think Michael Jackson had fewer number one hit singles than if you lean to the right or stand up straight.

If your posture leans to the right, on the other hand, your estimate increases. If you lean left you also think the Eiffel Tower is shorter than if you lean to the right. You think there is less alcohol in whiskey, and you will guess that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has fewer grandchildren than if you leaned to the right. This is a real study soon to be published in the scientific journal Psychological Science.

The researchers, who were from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, used a Wii platform to measure the amount of leaning and they asked the study volunteers, who were college students, to stand up straight. A screen told them they were standing up straight even when they were leaning, apparently to prevent any bias.

Apparently the take home is that your posture can affect your decision making. Or, is it a conspiracy against lefties to paint them as pessimistic downers (do lefties even lean left)? Is it a public service announcement for better posture? And how, pray tell, would this influence estimates regarding the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Source: Gizmodo.com



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