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Many faces of victory

What does "victory" mean to you? Is it all about being seasonally patriotic and sticking a flag on the car for one day of the year? For some, it's being all Rajnikanth and being kickass at kicking butt, for others it is something non violent. Everyone has a different viewpoint. We asked our readers, writers and the slaves chained in the basement about their opinions.

Victory isn't coming first but leaving last.
-- Osama (RS writer, NSU escape artist, Lifestyle's boytoy)

Victory is doing that one thing no one thought you'd ever be able to do.
-- Sifana Sohail (Absentee RS writer and globetrotter)

Victory is in finally catching the stupid mosquito that's been bugging you for hours.
-- Medha Monjuary (RS writer and part timer as Inara lookalike)

Victory is being able to run and jump with 6 year olds despite being 25 years past that. And surviving.
-- E. R. Ronny, RS Editor and living third childhood

Pulling a prank. A good one. And getting the victim to laugh along with you.
-- Nutboltu (RS writer and anomaly)

Victory is the high after all the lows you hit.
-- Nezayra Mobarak

Victory is when you get the last slice of pizza! =D
-- Mehzabeen Ashraf

"The first bitter taste of that terrible illusion... hope." (Kain, Legacy of Kain: Defiance)
-- Tareqius Primus (Ex RS in-charge, owner of 400 mango trees and general wiseguy)

Victory is.... kolaveri di :P
-- Nirvana Cobain

Victory is the conclusion of a practical joke in which, you get the last laugh.
--Humanoid Storm

Victory is when you don't look back.
-- Kazi Akib Bin Asad

In our "region" victory is getting elected using false agenda! :-P - Mahtab Ahmed

Victory is when you are the only one left standing
-- Aoz Shayan

Victory is when you're completely exhausted, but know it was completely worth it.
Safieh Kabir (Youngest RS staff writer, just learned to walk )

Victory is when u score 90% in an exam, even after bunking and failing to give proper attention in class........:D:D
-- Muntaka Nusrat Khan





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