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Ice-cream lasts longer. That's the specialty of winter, December, cold. For some, it's the time to stock up on gifts because Christmas is around the corner. A time for getting. But Christmas is also the time to give. In page 3 we have a magician who's working to bring a little life into cancer struck young hearts. In 6, we have groups that are working to make sure some of our homeless don't shiver to death. Little acts that add up to a big wonderful completeness.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, Editor

Christmas Wishes of the “Famous”

It's that time of the year again folks. Christmas. And like last year, the RS writers snuck in Santa's hideout at the North Pole and managed to steal some of the wish lists of some pretty interesting people. This is what they had to say.

By Alvi Ahmed

Kim Kardashian
Like oh my GAWD, this is like the first time ever sincelike the fifth grade that I am like using a pen. I feel so totally smart. Umm, so yeah Mr. Claus for this Christmas I want like Lady Gaga's fashion sense, so that I can dress like her, and if I could like get that, you know, popularity, I could really make a lot more money this year. Okay, Byee.

Sir Alex Ferguson
Santa, I want Ronaldo back. Have you seen the idiots that make up my team? Even Arsene Wenger makes fun of me these days. I mean, I have won trophies with idiots in the past but this current squad is just too much. On top of that our thirteen year old goal-keeper is a mess. I was born around 500 B.C. and even I have better reflexes than he does. So please send in a few quality players. Or Ronaldo. The boys miss him, especially Rio and Nani.

Justin Bieber
Dear Santa, I am sick and tired of everybody making fun of me on the internet. And what's worse is the fact that I don't even get most of these jokes. Anyways, there's only one thing I want for you this Christmas: PUBERTY. I mean come on Santa, how long do I have to wait. Even Hannah Montana shaves more often than I do, its humiliating.

Michael Schumacher
Dear Santa, let me just keep my current form. What didn't I come back earlier? Why did I quit in the first place? Why am I asking these questions instead of driving?

Mark Zuckerberg
Dear Santa, please give me weird ideas that I use to change the Facebook layout and piss off the current Facebook users. Something even more irritating and ridiculous than the Timeline non-sense, something that will make it easier for me and other Facebook users to spy on each other. You and I both know no matter how much crap I throw at them, they will get used to the chages after a week or two.

If you fail to make my wish come true, you shall be removed from my friend list.

Sean Bean
Dear Santa, for the love of God please give me a fantasy role where I don't die in the first instalment! Sure, the fans love me and people tell me they cried when Boromir died. And that black guy on YouTube getting mad about Ned Stark dying was hilarious. But seriously, for once I'd love to see things to the end. Is that too much to ask?

Some snippets from our emails, Facebook wars and discussions held between numerous scuffles over the last piece of puri/chop/ Mountain Dew. If you have something to rant about, mail us at ds.risingstars@gmail.com or go shout it out on Facebook at www.faceboook.com/DSRisingstars.

N. S. Rasul (Yeah...that really is my name. :P) (via email)
Every day begins like this: *dad poke me awake* *I roll over and go back to sleep*

Every Thursday begins like this: *dad poke me awake* *I jump out of bed and grab The Rising Star before it manages to disappear*

You people are awesome, and I look forward to every single issue. My favourite by far is the reviews section and I eagerly flip there in the hopes of reading an anime review. Alas, they are few and far between. Couldn't you guys do them more often? My otaku self adores them no end. There are so many good anime you guys haven't reviewed. I wish you'd do Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood or Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan or Fairytail! I love the comic reviews as well. Any plans to do classics like Tintin or Asterix?


Thanks for the suggestions -- RS

Pritom (via email)
Last weeks pg 6 while it looked great was a bummer. Are we catering to 2 year olds that we would like to go about buying plastic toys and magic balls?

Sometimes we need to sit back and revel in the simpler things in life. And yes, we cater to 2 year olds because one of our writers is 3. She learnt to edit before she could walk. -- RS

Aura Alin
Embracing my inner bangali and loving it. From dhalliwood breakdance to the fuchkas, Bangalis kick ass and are just plain awesome. 'Nuff said :D

If that's what RS does to you, we have to print more of this stuff. -- RS

Najjib (via email)
Lots of felicitation for the last issue. Thanks for making us cognizant of the difference of behaviour we show abroad and in our own country. Hope people would take notice and act to turn every citizen into law-abiding civilized ones. By the way, where are the anime reviews?

Shan Rahman
The Victory page was too kickass. Also: Victory is when you eat fuchka from a vendor and don't get diarrhoea.

Yep, that really sums us up as Bangladeshis -- RS

Nadia Hossain
Last weeks 'The Price of Ignorance Is Idiocy' was a slap to the face of those who don't care, nor give a bull about their country. :)

Things we screwed up last week in the victory quotes but don't feel sorry for

Sabrina Fatma Ahmad is mad because we spelled her name wrong. It was Ahmed in last week's victory quotes. But she's not really mad. Just Ahmad.

Bareesh is upset because we made a mistake with his profile info. His sister is not Jhorna, it's Bristi. But he's not really upset, just a little under the weather.

Moyukh wonders why we called him a bird enthusiast. That's cause he wears Harry Potter glasses, Harry has an owl, owl is a bird and owls like little Roadrunner type birds. Or not.

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You will be required to come to office at least once a week. Find out more during the interview.

Mail CVs and sample work to ds.risingstars@gmail.com with the title: Recruitment Application.



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