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There's nothing to do. That's what a lot of young people are saying a lot of the time. Yet they are going about doing just about everything. Classes, romance, music, games, odd jobs, even jobs, becoming fruit ninjas, looking for burgers (we got something about that). There's just no dearth of activities. We bring you papercraft. Fun stuff to make from paper that you accidentally drop a fat book on. Or we try figuring out what Rasul is trying to say on page 7. His fans wanted him, he's here. And he's gone bonkers.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, Editor RS

Papercraft 101

Paper has a lot more uses than being balled up and thrown at someone.

Most Diy stuff has some disadvantages. Majority of them are too weird (like painting your cat's toenails) or too difficult (making an origami piano or a crossbow), and a lot of them are just plain tedious. No wonder we don't do anything anymore. The thing about Papercraft is that it is not necessarily crazy difficult. For those who are not exactly familiar with the term, Papercraft or paper-modelling is the construction of models with hard paper or cards. Although some finished Papercraft might seem a bit like origami, but the main difference between them is that in Papercraft, we cut the papers. From simple boxy looking dolls to extremely detailed aeroplane models, Papercraft offers something for everyone.

You start with an inkjet printer, anti-cutters (with lots of blade), PVA glue (or the art glues available at stationeries), a cutting board and links to some good Papercraft website. You download the designs, print them on some thick or photo papers and there you have the start-up kit for Papercraft-mania. (If you don't have a printer, collect a bunch of simple templates and drop them off at the nearest photo printing shop and get them printed in 4x6 inch.)

To get our readers started with the phenomenon, we have compiled some of the Papercraft websites most popular among the enthusiasts, starting with the easiest:

Paperboxworld.weebly.com: Easy, cute and colourful templates that take little time to make.

Paperkraft.blogspot.com: This is a blog that keeps an eye out for all the templates. They have a good collection, ranging from easy to insanely Japanese, and their collection is nicely divided, so it is simple to find anime, mecha or video game models.

Papercraftparadise.blogspost.com: It's another awesome blog that has updates on new Papercrafts and has a huge collection. If you are a fan of something remotely popular, you would get papertoy templates here.

Papermau.blogspot.com: Contains Papercrafts of a more advanced level. Intricate castles and vintage cars.

Feeling bad about how paper is the root of most dead trees? These will make you happy again.

Boxpunx.com: A talented illustrator designs pretty interesting boxy Papercrafts. Good for beginners, but looks a lot better because of the good designs. It also has a tiny batman with a boxy head.

Pokemonpapercraft.net: For all the Pokemon fans out there, these guys are trying to catalogue all the pokes. Should be good.

Bommodeli.org: This site is for the super-advanced, and for only when you have become a master Papercrafter. For the beginners: templates over here border on full-on paper modelling, so be warned.

Tumbler: Search 'papercraft' or 'papertoys' in there. You are bound to be wowed. They have Skyrim helmets to be made, but wait until you become good at it. These are deceptively difficult.

This is a comprehensive guide to all of you with a bit of time to spare. If you want a tiny Batman watching over you or if you want to revel in your geekiness by making a tiny Hubble telescope that takes eight hours to make, you know where to go. Welcome to the wonderful world of Papercraft.

Photo credit: Niloy and Rajiv Ashrafi

If you want to rant this is where you do it. And also at.... ds.risingstars@gmail.com or on our Facebook page at www.faceboook.com/DSRisingstars.

Arushi Aggarwal (via E-mail)
This week's issue was satisfactory but none of the articles were eye catching. Wish next week's issue will be splendid.
P.S- Do you mind increasing of (the size of) RS? The pages are way to small.

Prince MoonWalker (via E-mail)
SOPA & PIPA, you're going down (to hell)! Enjoy the ride! :D

Samiul Mahin
Finally, dodging the eagle eyes of my parents, I managed to lay my paws on last week's RS. After so many deprived issues, failed tantrums and a truckload of exams, RS was a lifesaver. It was bliss. Thanks!

Itmam Mirza
You guys have to put up those ads? =/
Ehsanur Raza Ronny
When my kid was born, there was an ad on his ass with the line “This can be made in China, cheap.” Ads are inescapable.

Dipika J Subah
Reading RS has always been my favourite pastime but the recent articles could've been better... Where's Jawad?? Man, he's just too good! :)
Jawad Mahmud Hoque
"I'll be back."

Doito Bonotulshi
This is for the "World Schools Debate Championship 2012" article. It's Sunnydale School. Not Sunnydale International School!

Homegrown record breaker

We humans have this tendency to think of ourselves as unique, that we are different. However, not all of us are snowflakes. Seven billion people in this world. How do you differentiate yourself? Well you can try doing what Abdul Halim did. This ordinary man from Magura did something so extraordinary that he will go down in the record books. Literally.

On 22nd October 2011, Halim walked 15.2 km at the Bangabandhu Stadium. That's not all that much, distance-wise, but when you consider the fact that he was balancing a football on his head during this walk, it becomes an amazing feat. So much so that the Guinness Book of World Records has recognised it as a unique record on January 24th, 2012.

The previous record was held by a Malaysian man by the name Yee Ming Low, who walked 11.129 km with the football. Speaking about his feelings after breaking the record, Halim said, “I am happy I've made Bangladesh proud.” Halim is the second Bangladeshi to make it to Guinness after Table Tennis legend Zobera Rahman Linu, who won the most number of National Table Tennis Championships (16).

Here's to hoping Halim's record remains unbroken for a long time.


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