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Adventure. That's what we constantly look for in our mundane everyday lives. We want a little excitement, a sense of treading rarely travelled paths. That's what makes life worth living. So we go on quests for cheap spectacles and are delighted when we find good biriyani in our wanderings. We turn our classmates into baboons and dream of the perfect world that so many spam mails preach. We doodle interestingly with Vi Hart and occasionally, we think of earlier times. After all, that's what books are for.

~ Kazim Ibn Sadique, RS Sub-editor

What does the Frisbee have to do with pie?

The Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, sold pies. Local college students used the empty tins (embossed with the words "Frisbie's Pies") to play catch. Later Walter Morrison and Warren Franscioni capitalized on this free toy, making a plastic version called the Flyin' Saucer. Founders of Wham-O bought rights to the toy and sales sky-rocketed making Frisbees a household name. Now if empty tins can be marketed, why not the Notebook and rolled up paper ball everyone plays cricket with in class. Now for a catchy name. Hmm.

They will tell you how much you resemble a monkey. Well chimps to be exact. Apparently we got eighty five to ninety five percent of the same DNA. Bleh. You don't see me comparing humans to bananas even though both of them have fifty percent of the same DNA. Although, the possibilities do seem limitless.

Perfectly Horrible

By Spam-buster

That awesome feeling you get when you check your email after a couple of days and find hundreds of unread messages is quick to fade when you notice that it's all just spam. You take one last sorrowful glance as you 'Mark All' and delete. Wouldn't it be nice if, for once, you had an email directed at you? Even better, wouldn't it be nice if all those spam messages, which were directed at you, were real?

Imagine a parallel universe. It's much like our own, the sky is still blue and the grass is still green. Or if you'd prefer to imagine it differently, the sky is brown and the grass is orange. None of this is relevant though. What's important is that in this world there is no such thing as spam - not the weird canned mystery meat Americans are obsessed with nor the junk e-mail that makes up 90% of you inbox.

A world without spam, you say? Is it even possible? Well no. You still receive e-mails about potential new females 'looking to hook-up' or 'improve your credit card balance', but here's the catch - it's all legitimate. When you get a pop-up about being the 10,000,000th customer, it's real.

Everyone in this world has perfect insurance - car, health, life, you name it. They responded to certain messages they receive and it's all set. In this world, unemployment is practically non-existent. Everyone is employed, most likely by Google, and earning over $247 from home! Everyone's won the lottery, and everyone has at least three or four laptops and iPads and iPods from several prizes they won online. Also, with free surgery, everyone is well-endowed, if you know what I mean.

Here's the downside though, there's an insanely high death-rate. People are haunted day, night, left, right and centre. They get cut to pieces, they fall prey to a car accidents, poison and most commonly a poltergeist - all because they didn't forward an e-mail.

Life in that world is pretty sweet, till you realise that with the high frequency of successes, it's not a big deal anymore. There's no competition, no excitement. No creativity.

And nobody to make the bloody jetpacks that we've been waiting for.

Take some time to rant

Fuad Hassan
It's every Thursday morning when my mom snatches the RS from me and says, "Textbook first. It's for your own good."
Tell her it's the textbook to life. - RS

Numaya Shahriar
This week's RS edition made me LOL during a very miserable, dreary and gloomy time.
We live to deliver laughter. Sometimes sorrow. Sometime both. - RS

Sousan Suha Amin
The cover was indeed very awesome, though it's not applicable for me. Be jealous, crowd :)

Ahnaf Kamal
“Look, I'm your mugger.”
Finally something that actually made me laugh.
You've lived your life without laughter?! Sympathies, dude. - RS

Isha Nafisa Quazi
Mahir, you showcased the story of our lives. Respect. B|

Mustabeen Qazi
Scantily clad piggies that dance like Katrina Kaif - oufff ;p *drool*
You have really weird tastes. - RS

Siham Sarawat
Thank you Bareesh really liked Comfortably Numb. It was actually comfortably numb.
Bareesh has been known to be numb on occasion but he's never comfortable. - RS

Arushi Aggarwal [via E-mail]
Keep up the good work!
Always. - RS

Flex your brain

In a galaxy far far away, count Dooku decided to go all dark side on Yoda. A legendary battle, but one that was more a legal battle. And sue you will, Yoda said. What does that have to do with Sudoku? We have no idea. That's trivia for you. While your brain reels, give it some much needed exercise with this number game. You know the rules: Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 through 9.








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