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Labels are good for bottles, jeans and as warning for stuff people should be wary of handling, like a left handed hammer. This explains why people have all kinds of labels these days for defining different relationships. These are dangerous for anyone. But then comes the fact that there are no fools greater than fools in love. Speaking of which, this coming month celebrates fools, for an entire day which we assume is a bit much considering all the fools around us. But what fun would life be without them, or without being one every now and then?

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Outsmarting the Outsmarts

By Sarah Nafisa Shahid

Thank God April Fools' Day isn't all that popular in Bangladesh or else people would have an excuse to lie all they want and be mean to people for an entire day. But sadly, the pranksters will go on the loose on the first of April anyway and we all have that friend who loves to make us look bad. So here are some things which you should NOT do during April Fools'.


Give your phone or other electronics to people
'I don't have credit; can I use your phone?' Sure, so you can change my password and language settings? No way. Small knick knacks like these are going to come your way all day and it's essential to outsmart these pestering existences.

Enter a public toilet without waiting
Okay, I know we don't visit a public toilet unless it's a life and death situation (or maybe it is just me), but everyone should be cautious on this deceiving day. One of the most common April Fools' pranks is switching the male and female signs on toilet doors. So next time you have an emergency, just hold it for a little while longer until you see someone from the same sex enter the washroom first.



Accept food from people
A free treat may always look good but they say that there is no such thing as free lunch. It could be just an Oreo or your friend could have swapped the cream filling for mayonnaise, or worse, toothpaste!


Get scared by prank threats
If you wake up and find a text from a friend saying how they are planning to prank you that day, don't freak out. Because the text itself is probably the prank.

Follow money lying around
I mean, you have to be really stupid to do that, right? It's probably the oldest trick in the book. If a 500 hundred taka note is flying away from you continuously, it's likely attached to a string being pulled by someone.

Do what people say
Well, basically this is the summary of everything. It's just hard to believe people on April Fools' Day regardless of how believable things are. So be on your watch but sometimes, fall for one or two, for the sake of propriety.

Pranks for the First

By Moyukh and Numaya

Then again, instead of acting scared jumping at shadows and being a chicken all day this April Fools, you could be the prankster. If you are weird enough, you might just pull it off, or if not, get beaten up, either is fun. Are you a lame person? Don't be ashamed to admit it - this is your chance to up the ante on your lameness and astound the world. Go up to someone, hand them a flower, and say, "here, have a flower. April phool". Then just wait around till the lameness meter kicks in and people start facepalming like crazy.

Or if you are a lazy little brat, get your legs plastered and go to class. Feed everyone a story about how you got hit by a car, or a rickshaw maybe, and watch as people pamper to your needs. Want Mountain Dew? They will get it. Say you can't get to your wallet because it hurts your "Fibula" (yeah make up words). They will pay. And at the end of the class, slowly break your plaster and walk out. Although, we in no way are responsible for the injuries that will come the next day.

Another good prank is to save your number as “Flexiload” on your friend's phone. Forward your flexi messages and watch them spellbound after receiving thousands of bucks of credit on their phones. Talking of phones, if you have a touch screen device, download and set a cracked screen wallpaper and give the phone to your friend. Make it drop accidentally (make sure you don't really break it!) and scream at them for being careless and breaking your phone.

After all that pray, pray for your life, because sometimes people just don't get it. And trust us there is nothing fun about the repercussions. We know.

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Mahin Ahmed
Give us more info on upcoming events in Dhaka. It could be volunteer work to exhibitions... anything fun and productive will do, but we want more.

Ramisa Nawar Promee
I declare my adoration to you, Padya Paramita. Bravo! The references are wildly Hunky-Dori! But this is to assure you: in future, if I write anything about the Independence Day, I'll surely include "EYEWITNESSES OF THE 25TH by Padya Paramita" as a reference.

Taiaba Binte Amin
Sleep paralysis, huh? I always thought Satan came personally to kill me.

Muhtasim Shams Dibbo I LIKE sleep paralysis! Though it DOES start to get a bit annoying sometimes...

Goes to show it takes all kinds. -- RS

Hossain Al Wasi
My brain got blown away (figuratively speaking) while reading "Nothing" by Samiha Majid. Sweet. I want more of this stuff.

Your brain drew figures as it blew away? Send in the illustrations. -- RS

El Kun
The cover looks rugged. Brilliantly done!

Nafis Saami Azad
The Big Serious Survey (or whatever the name is) was awesome! +1 from me.

Our dog woofs thanks and says we couldn't have done it without you guys. -- RS

Yurreingam Nk
Let's face it, this week's Bite Size Haha made us realise what the root of all evil is.

Yes. We finally figured it out. -- RS




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