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Life's a constant game. We get up and every minute seems like a desperate attempt at trying to rack up a good score. Running to catch a bus, coping with blackouts, going to the bank and sometimes facing zombies. So we managed to cram all those into this weeks issue. We've left out a few too but then, that's life - an incomplete game.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

A zombie summer survival

We bring you top 5 summer survival tips with some bonus anti-zombie info thrown in for free.

By Sadia Islam & Nutboltu

Bangladesh summer is tough. It's so bad, it could be a bigger killer than the impending zombie outbreak. So how do you survive when the two combine?

1. Drink and run
Keep hydrated preferably with water. Otherwise you can't outrun zombies. Sodas can have a drying effect and make your body work harder. Also make you drowsy in some cases. Coffee and tea is refreshing when cold. Remember: Dehydration can make you nauseous and dizzy like after attending a Bieber concert.

2. Avoid diseases
Water borne diseases are common at the beginning of summer. Hundreds are getting admitted into hospitals everyday because of stomach problems. Many become zombies as a result (data needs to be verified). Our “water sanitation system” is best described as a few random words within quotation marks. It DOES kill quite a few microbes but leaves enough for us to get sick. Cracked old pipes and sewers where even heavily mutated turtles cannot survive just make the matter worse. What do you do? Don't swallow water while singing in the shower or rinsing after brushing teeth. If you have a bad voice, skip the singing altogether. It's a myth that showers make bad singers sound better. And it may attract zombies.

3. The sun can kill too
Ladies take note. It dries, cracks and marks the skin. This is a good time to invest in some colour coded umbrellas, sunglasses and high SPF sunscreen. The guys will want to use this as an excuse to tint their car windows. It's still illegal unfortunately, except for the glass on the rear doors and back. Try suction sunshades. They are pretty good, as long as the rubber suckers hold up. They don't though. Blame the hot sun.

4. Roadside food traps
Cold beverages and roadside treats like fuchka are best avoided. Bacteria love this current humid weather so much that they get married on such days to make their anniversary memorable. It's a climate where food just expires before the expiration date is finished being stamped. Lemon juice is an up and coming hot seller on the streets. The vendors will carefully and meticulously wipe off their sweat while making your drink. Good for them, not so much for you.

5. Let there be light
It's load shedding season. You can never go wrong being equipped with a torch or a phone with one. As the movies will tell you, the moment it goes dark, and you light a light, a hitherto unseen zombie will attack. But you should still take the risk and light up. For all you know, you might step into the less terrifying but just as harmful open manhole.


So do you stay huddled indoors and wait for the end of summer? That's ridiculous. Summer is 13 months long in our country. It's just beginning and after the first few rains, it will ease up along with a new set of things to worry about. For now, get out, walk about, boil your water, filter it, drink it and smile knowing after this, hell will be just like home.

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Taiseer Ahsan
After reading "Label them Crazy", I came to realise that being "FOREVER ALONE" is much better than being in that weird a relationship!

Never say forever. - RS

Ala E-rabbi
The cover story was good, but it failed to mention the effect of TV shows on a teenager's perception of relationships, e.g. shows like 'How I met your mother' depict that on-and-off relationships in a close friend circle doesn't harm the group dynamics, which is hardly the case in reality.

Good point. - RS

Arittra BizWaz
Full HD 1080p Cartoon is on page 9???? Mojja loss? :p

Muhtasim Shams Dibbo
Wow. Nowadays even the media trolls you.

What did you expect? :D - RS

Saabaa Saamiiraah
The best thing in this issue was the BetaWriters - "Renegade" by Tanzia Tasnim Usha. A huge shout-out to her. What she wrote was truly inspiring.

Wasifa Noshin
Numba Wan Shakil Khan ftw! Enjoyed the wishful news. If Shakil Khan starred in twilight, I might actually watch the movie.

We probably would, too. The thought scares us. RS

Hossain Al Wasi
About the 'Line for Thought', I used to have a pet bird which no one could see. Is it imagination or plain bat-shit craziness?

Er… - RS

Simra Ahmed
I got my Thursday paper today (Sunday)... from under the bed mattress... where my mom hid it to make sure I don't get influenced by any of the crazy stuff you guys write about.

Such baseless accusations! We are a perfectly angelic bunch of characters who stay out of trouble… most of the time. - RS

There was also some back-and-forth debate about the benefits of Timeline and our resident cricket guy had a spit-flying argument about sports. Some guy posted a pretty decent video of himself doing the Michael Jackson. Check out our Facebook page for more.



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