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If Tarzan went evil, this would be his secret lair.

Finding Bangladesh location #3

The Mossy Mansion of Krittipasha

By Anika Ali & Adnan M. S. Fakir
Photos courtesy of Finding Bangladesh

If there is something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?

Sadly the buster-boys were busy battling the sweet-toothed ghosts that are devouring all the Belgian Chocolate Cornelli ice creams (notice how they are out of stock in many places?). So instead they called us, the Finding Bangladesh team to the mossy mansion of Krittipasha.

This structure of the early 1700s is located in Jhenaidaha and has become the mother of all haunted houses. Tapan Raichoudhuri, a descendant of the Krittipasha Raj family and a historian at Oxford University has studied and documented numerous events that have occurred within the mansion in a book called, “Romonthon Othoba Bhimrotipraptor Porochoritochorcha.” It is one of those books that can break your teeth while reading, but written records include creepy candles, flying bricks, ominous deaths, haunted appearances and severed heads. Go ahead and read the book if you are curious enough but we are about to tell our own tales.

When we first began working on the Krittipasha Rajbari, a few valiant crew members set out to explore the site. After their return, members of the crew reported a creepy feeling of being followed. The worst victim, Fahad Zaman, came back so petrified that he refused to leave his home for days afterwards. “It's like a shadow keeps on following me, peeking over my shoulder, glaring at me from a distance. The only place I feel remotely safe is at home. Even then I feel not alone.” He received hugs from a lot of girls, then coke and cheesecake. Nothing worked. When the girls refused to hug him anymore, he needed another week to recover from that.

Story being filmed is about a woman who committed suicide by jumping off the building shown below. The actor wussed out and refused to jump. So this dummy was made instead courtesy of lots of glue, tape and rolled up Daily Star.

The Rajbari is believed to have contained a secret room underneath the mansion, where dead bodies of enemies of the Raj family were hidden. Furthermore, right beside the mansion is a Siddheshwari Temple where presumably several human sacrifices had been made. We believe the carnage gave rise to the paranormal and the eerie feelings still persist.

As a gesture of appreciation to the “ghosts” who have demonstrated such dedication in their efforts towards scaring visitors away, we (silently) cursed them a lot (in reverence). Then, based on a true story, we prepared a scene for Finding Bangladesh where a woman of the mansion creepily falls from the top of the structure, committing suicide. Trouble is, the real ghosts of the Rajbari couldn't help but overhear.

For the killing, we made a life-size replica of a real person. Buttocks and other regions were measured and set accordingly. Then we placed a human skull on her neck and named her, Fulbanu Miskin. During the making we failed to notice any supernatural company but later that night, things flew and crows pooped.

Immersed in sweet slumber and lost in men's candy land dreams, slept Adnan Fakir with Fulbanu Miskin standing beside him. Exactly at 3:30 AM his slumber was disturbed by a shaking room. He drowsily looked around and saw his two whiteboards slam hard onto the floor from the wall where they were hung with a loud thud! Thinking of it as a regular earthquake, he dozed off. “Sleep hard, die happy,” as he believes.

On a different note, those are trees. And
leaves. Something city folks don't know exist.
This guy here stood for three hours thinking this
was a fancy new cafe. No one came to take his order.

The next day, Fakir asked around about the Earthquake but everyone gave looks. None of the news stations had reported any such calamities. Uncanny thoughts about the suicide scene crept up and we started having second thoughts about the shooting of that specific section. Scary stuff aside, the mansion is a beautiful place engrossed with vegetation. The place feels like a scene from Tomb Raider or Uncharted (plus the creepiness). Visit at your own risk.

As fascinating as it is to be followed by psychopaths, being followed by dead psychopaths traumatised from a lifetime of blood and skulls is just too much happiness for us to bear. So, does anyone know the number for Ghostbusters?

Visit us at www.facebook.com/findingbangladesh

On the 19th of May, 2012 at 9:30 a.m., Nishat Majumder became the first Bangladeshi lady to conquer Mt. Everest.
Several times she escaped death, while climbing the mountain but she was determined to complete the task. From her childhood she desired to be adventurous.
Nothing is impossible if we try sincerely. 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'

By Sarika Saiyara
Age 7
K.G. II, Academia (Elementary Section)


The Wonder
I swam in the abysmal azure sea,
For sundry things I had to see,
I perceived the briny ripple and rock,
Whilst sank my moans and talk.

I went and went, and saw and saw,
I even opened my maw in awe,
The marine splashed upon the shore,
Where the land emerged murky and sore.

The water began to sway at day,
Right in the crimson sun, away,
He began to snarl and roar,
She cooled him and instigated to soar.

By Ayaz Aarman Khan
Class IV, Scholastica


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