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People killing people, now that's a way to control population. Unfortunately, not cool. But what drives people to go bonkers in this way? Batman incites a lot of emotions, makes people want to do stuff they really can't do in real life. Let's face it, it's easier to think this way because Batman is a regular guy, i.e. no super powers. He's just like us, sort of. But then someone somewhere wants to be Joker and shoot up real people in real life. Life can be hard sometimes, so bad that a respite into the imaginary would be a welcome. How do we draw the line? We imagine but don't let our imaginations take over.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Your orange is a lie

Your childhood is a lie. If you are one of us - and you probably are - taught that the fruit “Komola Lebu”is Orange, think again. It is not. Now before you start laughing, hear us out. It really is not - its tangerine. Yes we know Komola is well - orange in colour and so is the orange. But the orange(fruit) is actually what we know as Malta in Bangladesh. The difference is Oranges are sourer and the fruit is more like a lemon. On the other hand tangerines are the ones which split into different segments when peeled and is sweeter. Now that you have been confused and thrown into doubt about everything around you, here's another bit of information. There's another one Clementine. Looks exactly like komolas without the seeds. Who knew?

Olympic battery… er, games

In a few days the games are beginning. The idea behind the Olympics is simple: athletes will get together and compete to be the best. But when the number of athletes becomes 10000 [yes, that's four zeros after the one], it seems like something just too big to handle. But the IOC [International Olympic Committee] does it every four years.

The Olympics are generally ignored by us Bangladeshis because, well, we only know of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and Yelena Isinbayeva. But the opening ceremony is bound to be very entertaining. James Bond is set to make an appearance [via Daniel Craig] and the ceremony will be inaugurated by royalty, i.e. the Queen of England. It's almost like a jousting competition really, with polevaulters and equestrians, minus all the blood of course.

Look for Paul McCartney on stage as well as A. R. Rahman's music because he's working with Danny Boyle [the guy who made Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours and is the creative director of the whole show]. Boyle's also has some madness set up involving 70 sheep and a very large bell. You'll have to wait for the show. While you wait, you can check out the official track of the Olympics, Survival by Muse, who are actually pretty decent musicians despite all the love they get from Stephenie Meyer.

The show goes on air at 2AM Dhaka time on the morning of the 28th. Not a bad way to spend time before Sehri.

People said things. We said things. We all had a merry time. But no cake.

Arif Khan Nabil
Ohh, it's the Devil who wakes me up around 3:30 a.m. almost every night and there I thought it was someone like a Fairy or even a Djinn.

Fairies are little busy bathing in the moonlight, but the devil used to be a djinn apparently. So it may not be wholly inaccurate. - RS

Afnan Haq
The randomness in the heel poem... it hurts.

Taken individually, all aspects of life seems random. But together they synergise into the bigger picture. Also, the poem was kinda funny. Don't deny it. - RS

Fardeen Zareef
Today's issue was almost perfect... By the way, how can something become “redder”? *A line in A Dreamy Reunion*

Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury Redder. Google Chrome spellcheck says it's a word. Therefore it's a word.

Ehsanur Raza Ronny If you Google Bareesh, Google says 'Bareesh the hutt'. It must be true. You are the flabby villain in Star Wars.

Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury I LIVED THE STAR WARS.

Ahmad Ibrahim OR... just flabby.

Tashrif Mahmud
It pains me to see the attempt of RS to get a cake. May i provide one?

Yes. Yes, you may. - RS

Samin Ashraf (via E-mail)

I'm an avid reader of RS and have been reading it for quite a long time. Why don't you guys make the book review a regular thing? And while I enjoy the different types of books, there's a painful lack of fantasy and humour book reviews. Why is that?

We have been trying to incorporate different tastes and styles into the book review. As for fantasy, some of them are in the pipeline. - RS



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