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Wolverine: Old Man Logan

By Munawar Mobin

This week's comic comes from decorated Marvel writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. The comic was published in 2008 and is credited as 'possibly the greatest Wolverine story ever told'. Even though there's a “possibly” in that statement, to attain such recognition in a title is still a great achievement.

The story is set fifty years into the future where the world is run by the super villains of yesteryears at the helm, with new and young super villains doing their dirty work. The Marvel bad guys have destroyed most of the heroes of the world and divided USA between the Hulk family, Red Skull, Magneto and Dr. Doom. The villains have kept an eye on those few surviving heroes who've surrendered and cornered themselves into the simple life under the reign of their respective lord. Our man, Logan is seen to live in a part of former-California, now under Hulk rule, where he has taken up family life, with a wife and two children. We see things stir up when old friend and trusted colleague Hawkeye (now blind from old age) comes to ask Logan to accompany him as the muscle while he delivers some goods.
What's astonishing about the book is how much Mark Millar has managed to change Wolverine's character. In other stories, Wolverine comes across as a creature of the dark, all claws and blood; something you should never cross in your life and dare to live. Here, in this novel, Wolverine comes across as a quiet man of little beliefs. One whose past has been so scarring and damaging that the very thought of popping his claws ironically tears him apart. With a white beard and a handful of white hair, he looks to be the epitome of a 'changed man'.

Basically, Hawkeye and Logan go on a journey across America which changes the whole outcome of the world. A must read for anyone (regardless of whatever you read). This tale shows us a great, very human side of the beast that is Wolverine and for comic book fans, this book might just make Wolverine your favourite character (if he isn't so already). An emotional journey with Wolverine is a rare thing; everyone should be a part of it.

There are talks that Mark Millar plans to write a sequel to this story, so I say get the first book fast!


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