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We’re all a little evil inside. Some of us more than others whether we admit it by mass murdering cute baby seals or not. I bought a new phone for my wife. Turns out I like it. I really like it. It calls out to me and says my old phone is now as useful as a chewing gum wad stuck under the table. So I’m not gonna give it to her. Not yet. Some say I’m greedy. I say that phone is evil. That’s not evil though unlike anger which has mind control powers. Anger has a solution: look for positive outlets of the unwanted energy. Dance like our flash mob did on page 3 or just go beat up some senseless evil game characters like in our centre.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Interior designing for an Evil Mastermind

Story: Mahir
Illustration: Fahim Anzoom

Are you an aspiring evil mastermind? Are you looking to terrorise your nemesis and earn the respect of your fellow villains? Are you in need of decent ideas to decorate your secret hideout? If the answers are yes then RS is here to make you bankrupt. Here are some of the most fearsome, useful and not-so-mainstream equipments to embellish your lair with.

The Statue
The first thing that will greet infiltrators of your hideout can be a huge and formidable statue of yourself. On the outside it might just look like any average figurine but this piece of art will be equipped with high powered speakers to buff up your chicken-like voice a thousand times as you menacingly welcome those who dare to step foot in your lair with your thunderous and evil laughter. You may also add laser beam shooters to the eyes but make sure not to hit the infiltrators yet. You don't want them to die before they experience the rest of the horrors of your fort.
Intimidation Level:

The Tarantula Tank
Shark and Piranha tanks are just too common. On the other hand, nothing intimidates people more than big, wobbly spiders and a whole tank of these arachnids is enough for a stroke. Just make sure these spiders don't come to your living quarters for a stroll or you'll be the one having the stroke.
Intimidation Level:

The Medieval torture tools
The beauty of these things is that you'll seldom have to use them and their presence in the room does half the interrogation for you. All you have to do is show that you are proficient in handling these badasses. If that doesn't work then tie your prisoner to an un-oiled revolving chair and put it on infinite revolving mode. Results will come sooner than you think.
Intimidation Level:

The gas chamber
Fitted with laughing gas, this thing gives the most satisfaction. Cough up the lamest of jokes you know and enjoy as your enemies roll around in laughter.
Intimidation Level:

The Trap
Heroes have the uncanny nerve to best the deadliest of traps. So when they are just about to confront you, take advantage of their vulnerability and spring forth your unexpectedly placed trap on them. It always works. The trick is to set traps throughout the room and tell them that was the only trap to make them look dim-witted. Now watch them stammer at your brilliance.
Intimidation Level:

Now that you've built your perfect base of operations, feel free to brew your plans to take over the world and when you do so, for our contribution on your success don't forget to send a big chocolate cake our way and not one of those with time bombs ticking inside.

new monster

Those of you who played Red Alert 2 probably remember the mechanical spiders that destroyed tanks and the dolphins and giant squids that waged war on the high seas. At the time, people generally laughed it off. Well, laugh no more. The mechanical scourge of the seas is here and it has taken the shape of a... er, a tuna?!

The geniuses over at the US Department of Homeland Security have made this “cool” gadget for harbour defence. The idea is that the Tuna-Bot, called BIOSwimmer, will swim through the bilges and ballast tanks of large cargo ships, including the oil in oil tankers, making sure there isn't any contraband aboard. It will also patrol the harbour and ports, checking that the submerged portions are secure with its pencil beam radar.

When asked why a tuna, the DHS said, "We're using nature as a basis for design and engineering a system that works exceedingly well." Apparently, tuna fishes are good swimmers and extremely agile, which helps them get into places other fishes can't.

All that is great, but we just can't get over the fact that out of a whole host of intimidating sea monsters, they chose the tuna! And it doesn't even shoot tiny lasers!

Source: Gizmodo

People like to talk. Apparently without issues. Not really a surprise considering our politicians. Here're some of the things they said.

Tahmid Sadman
"Who Gets the cookie" - though well written - lacked insights. It could have been bigger.

Do you have any insights to offer on the topic? Send it to us. - RS

Nusrat B. Nobi
I loved Rising Stars so much, that I used to take Daily Star only for it. But my mom cancelled my subscription from this month. Now I am being starved. DO SOMETHING RS!

The Rising Stars You could ask your paperguy to deliver DS only on Thursdays. Per month it's less than the cost of a dubious burger bought from under a stairway of new market during a bacteria energising humidity loaded heat wave.

Nafisa Nowshin Piya
I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a long time ago. But I didn't know this awesome book's writer's life was so cool. Thanks Dr Who for introducing him.

Awesomeness will out. - RS

Fuad Hassan
The art in 'Digger Digger' is one of the cutest arts I have ever seen.

Samiha Binte Seraj
Watched 'Brave' after I saw the review in RS. Also the article on C.G.P.A was great. And loved the article about 'achar'

Here to please. - RS



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