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We are, all of us, hunting for purpose, like Agent Smith in The Matrix. In that hunt, we study, we look for love, we try to find definitions, identities. But while Agent Smith becomes "unplugged", most of us are caught up in forces we cannot control, like Neo.

The worst part? We don't even get to wear black trenchcoats.

-- Kazim Ibn Sadique, Sub-editor, Rising Stars

Moments Made Timeless

By Anashua

Have you ever found yourself wide awake at 5 am, wondering what someone on the other side of the continent is doing at that exact same moment? There's a certain beauty in knowing that as you groggily fall back asleep, there are billions of people doing a thousand different things - speeding through a highway, getting on a cycle or playing with their pets. And that's the beauty of a single moment that the Montblanc Worldsecond photo project has set out to capture. Using an android and iPhone app, a self-timed camera snaps a picture on every user's mobile at a set time everyday. Everyone is curious about the lives of strangers and part of what makes this app so appealing is that it lets you take a peek into their everyday lives. You can sign in through Facebook and also see your friends' photos online. Though our slow mobile internet makes it a bit hard to upload photos from outdoors, you can still upload photos easily using WiFi. And at the end of the project in December, the judges will give prizes to the person who took the most interesting photo and the one who made the best gallery of photos. Download the app and take your photo at the next scheduled time. Then head over to the site and browse through the world to make the best gallery.

Many Happy Returns, Mickey


By Jawad

"I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."
—Walt Disney

Years have gone by. Hand-drawn sketches have evolved into CGI. The only black and white imagery is Mickey's ears and gloves. And this 18th November, Mickey turned... 84!

84 years! He still remains the most iconic figure in animation history. And why not? His shy falsetto voice, energy, enthusiasm and goodness have attracted generations.

During his long years, he has been everywhere. Having been nominated for quite a few Oscars and even winning one in 1942, Mickey Mouse is the only cartoon character to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Originally a mischievous, anti-hero - his popularity soon made him into what he is today. The mascot for Walk Disney, this mouse is only rivalled by Jerry to be the most famous rodent ever.

But let's think about what Mickey can do at this age, besides that Clubhouse of his (that sometimes annoys the hell out of sane people).

Mickey can run a home for The Old and Dilapidated Comic Characters. There they will be fed and taken care of, until George Lucas decides to include them in Star Wars VII.

Mickey can also start training to be a Jedi. Once he completes his training and becomes a master, his unique voice and vocabulary can be compared to Yoda.

But what we really want Mickey to do is to repel the darkness and take over the cynicism that hangs low over the children. Because we need laughter in our midst.

Move over for Movember

By Sarah Nafisa Shahid

Beards are cool, hands down. A stubble here, a French-cut there, a goatee for the bass or maybe an elongated sideburn to appear extra-douchey; it's all good.

But while beards hog the coolness all across the board, there is nothing more manly than a moustache. From Gandalf to Buchanan to Bernard Shaw to gorram Hulkamania, most awesomely famous men sport moustaches.

Now you probably have heard of No-Shave November. And while that is more ambiguous and apparently applicable to both men and women (Yikes!), the Movember movement is a more focused on charity and the advance of male agapanthuses (cheers, Dumbledore).

While you may think that the movement protests on behalf of men's right to facial hair, no matter what girlfriends' have to say about it, the idea behind Movember is to raise awareness about men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression, etc. It has been around since 2004 and raises funds for cancer research. In 2011, they raised $126.3 million worldwide and recently even some airlines have decided to ad moustaches on their planes.

So whether your 'stache follows the path of Dali or Einstein, join your fellow Mo Bros (yeah, that's what these guys are called) in their fight by saving expenses on shaving cream and donating to a good cause.

Speeches, rants, heartbreaks, losses, demands. We hear it all. Some we ignore, some we answer, and some are here.

Naseef Rahman Xabir
Was Anisul Hoque really given 'shingara'??
The Rising Stars Yeah. Well, he GAVE the shingara. Shingara is almost the new cake.

Risal SR Sarker
Hey, what do I have to do to work at RS? Really, I mean it!

Sarah Nafisa Shahid Write, maybe.

The Rising Stars We have a need for writers despite brilliant ones we already have. But we don't always remember to let them out of the basement.

Ramisa Nawar Promee
I didn't really believe in Love at First Sight. But Mastura Tasnim's A Breakdown of Balloons! This is Love at First Sight, indeed! I never realized that before!

Mastura Tasnim Make sure this doesn't turn out to be one of those unrequited ones. Get a balloon and never let go!

Android made a boo-boo

By Mastura Tasnim

While us Android users rejoice in our hip, customisable phones, thinking that we speak out for free will and all that is creative and smart, our remarkable smart phones have apparently forgotten what an 8-year-old knows - that there are 12, not 11 months to a year.

Android made the surprisingly silly mistake of missing out December in their Jelly Bean v4.2 People app calendars. So now there are millions of people wondering what happened to their Christmas and New Year's Eve plans and what they could've possibly done to deserve no holidays whatsoever. It's like Santa is an Apple-fan who listed all Android users as 'Naughty.'

However, our Resident Conspiracy Theorist, an Android user him/her/itself, claims that Android is just keeping up with the times. The Mayan times. “Obviously there's no point in making silly human plans while nature cooks up its own. It's a sign, I tell you!”

While we leave him/her/it to rant, we can't help but feel sorry for a poor Android minion who's getting the sharp end of the blame stick for this rather sad blooper.

“You had ONE job!”

Reference: Gizmodo



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