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Humans seem to suffer under the peculiar preconception that if we face a common enemy, we will unite. An alien species needs to descend upon us with vengeance and decide to host a worldwide barbeque before we come to our senses. And let’s face it, energy crisis and global warming don’t have the same heroic ring to it that killing ugly aliens does.

Approximately 111 people died this week from a fire at Ashulia. Their families could use a little unity from the rest of us.

-- Kazim Ibn Sadique, Sub-editor, Rising Stars

RS Death Star

Art: E R Ronny

The RS team only has a couple of cubicles to its name. It needs space.
So we head off to space itself. We take on the infamous Death Star from Star Wars and redesign it.

Speeches, rants, heartbreaks, losses, demands. We hear it all. Some we ignore, some we answer, and some are here.

Nadia Abdullah
The BetaWriters column just disappeared this week. I really wanted to read 'free candy'.
Ahmad Ibrahim Free candy. There.

Anower Jahan Shofol
Mickey should wear at least a full pant now. After all, he's 84 now!

You'll be surprised how many 84 year olds choose not to wear pants. - RS

Peter Regal Whittam
I'm with Sarah Shahid on this one - uniforms should stay. I don't know why the kids these days disapprove of it, because a generation so obsessed with "cribs", "crews" and "gangs" should be the first to understand the unity uniforms bring.

And let's face it: if kids these days are allowed to wear anything an inch out of the dress code, they'd go all wannabe "gangsta's" and wearing pants where their boxers end.

Shaams Shahriar
Um, Jawad... Mickey isn't the only cartoon character to have a star in the Hollywood walk of fame.
Bugs Bunny (the boss) has one.
Daffy Duck has one.
Porky Pig has one.
Winnie the Pooh has one.
The Rugrats have one
Snow White has one.
The Simpsons (God help them) have one.
Donald Duck has one.
Kermit the frog has one.
(A/N= Mickey was the first recipient but he isn't the only one)
Jawad Mahmud Hoque My bad. Sorry.

Muhammed Zariff
Shaer Reaz, you're the man! Your review about Most Wanted 2012 was incredible! You just reviewed my heart!

Your heart is most wanted? Sounds like a Jalil movie. Good for you. - RS



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