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Victories come in many shapes and sizes. An unlikely cricket series win or an RS issue without any typo. A smartphone that doesn’t break after hitting the ground or finding the last empty seat on a bus during rush hour. An office/New Market chicken patty with real chicken pieces inside. Any salary that remains after the month ends. In our case, finally getting an office space dedicated to RS after haggling 1.5 long years. Now another 1.5 years to get the computers moved there from the basement. This week, we celebrate the little and the big deals in our lives. So we got robots and cricket and Bond and Archie comics. Because next week, it’s the end of the world.

-- E R Ronny , Editor, Rising Stars

Things considered small victories

Sometimes the smallest things can bring us great joy. Our readers and writers have a go at what gets them hopeful.

Munawar Mobin
1. Getting the last shingara at the school cafeteria
2. When the sugar in your cha from the tong is the perfect amount you take

Neshmeen Faatimah
1. Changing back to the channel you've been watching right when the commercial break ends.
2. Peeling off an entire orange in one go.

Breaking the yolk of your sunny side up egg and not spilling it over the sides.

Sarah Nafisa
1. Waking up during sunrise without an alarm
2. Getting to school on time. Because I'm usually so late that they shut the door on my face.
3. Fixing small stuff at home. Like a loose connection or noisy door hinges

Moyukh Mahtab
When the crunched paper you throw at the bin proves your boasts of being a good basketball player

Urmee Rahman Silvee Sleeping through the whole of Sunday morning. No classes, no quizzes, deadlines postponed. Happy Victory Day

Mukit Reza Making someone old and grumpy smile.

Atif Imtiaz Victory is switching the TV off when your little brother's watching Doraemon. Booyah!

1. When a pant that doesn't fit my friend, fits me.
2. Managing to follow through a DIY or a to-do list without missing a single step.

Zarif Tajwar Victory was when I won an argument with a woman; that too my own mom!

1. When the TV show download finishes just in time for the dinner to be ready.
2. When you find a rickshaw home at 10 in the night on first try.

Ahmad Ibrahim
1) Correcting someone's typos during an online argument to piss them off.
2) Going through one entire day without hearing people make fun of Liverpool.


Zarif Tajwar Victory was when I won an argument with a woman; that too my own mom!



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