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This is it. This is the end. We’ve passed a slew of end of the world predictions. Did it end? We’re not sure. Anonto Jalil says his new movie is coming out next year so the world definitely can’t end before we see that. But we do know that next week we’re looking forward to another day at the office with readers expecting us to create edible RS. Or something of that sort. Something new for RS? Definitely. We’ll be bringing you more of the cool stuff you’ve seen throughout 2012, many of it thanks to suggestions from our readers. All this while we figure out a way to make edible RS.

Also, turn up at The Bench tomorrow as well as the day after for the first ever proper, proper comic convention. Music, comics, art. Find RS there.

Sincerely, - Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

How to Tame a Cockroach

By Osama Rahman

Dmitri Ivanovich, a Russian magician known as the Great Longo, was hot commodity from the 1880s till the 1940s. His claim to fame was one never repeated; he tamed cockroaches. And by tamed, we mean he taught cockroaches how to rush on to miniature tables, sit on tiny chairs, eat from tiny plates, pretend to read newspapers and swing from swings. His prowess with cockroaches was so legendary, even Thomas Edison and cry-baby Leo Tolstoy were jealous of him. Given how many cockroaches we have in Dhaka, you too can be the next Great Longo, except probably not. But it never hurts to try.

Species: There are over 4500 species of cockroach of which only 1% are considered to be pests, thus you have numerous options to choose from. Except of course you don't, since you live in Bangladesh so you need to either get the pest known as the American Cockroach or the pest known as the Asian Cockroach. For future reference, the roaches you see flying around and crawling in your ears while you sleep are American Cockroaches.

Lodging: An aquarium is the ideal place to raise a cockroach, since a cage sounds like the dumbest idea ever. Since this is already a tropical country, you need not worry about breeding temperatures and heating pad and all that. Just ensure the aquarium you choose is tight-lidded and surrounded by mesh covering so as to allow oxygen. Tissue papers, news papers, little wood-shavings and dry leaves can make up the bedding, depending on whether your roach likes burrowing or not.

Food: Cockroaches are omnivores, meaning they will straight up eating anything. Not bound by religious obligations, a roach's gastronomic preferences have no limits. But for a tame cockroach, start off with dry feed/grain, fruits and vegetables. Cockroaches, unless they are the Hissing Cockroach, are already finicky and hard to handle so no point helping them develop a taste for flesh. Yet.

Breeding: We don't really know how they breed, but they just do. We also can't distinguish between males and females but we leave that part of the deal for you. Once you have cockroaches, let them be and they will probably breed at one time or another. I mean, what else can cockroaches do stuck in an aquarium all day. Right?

Why Roach, why? Just like Bangladeshi batsmen, you too may pose this question. There are many reasons, all equally awesome. First off, as mentioned, you can be the Great Longo. Secondly, cockroaches can carry salmonella which is more disease then fish, so there's your own little arsenal of biological weapons. Third, everyone knows the cool kids have exotic pets and fourth, they are great for using as pranks and convincing your parents to get you a dog. Do you really need any more reasons?

So there you have it, everything you need to know about roaches. Start collecting 'cause you 'gotta catch 'em all' or whatever.

Party Food

By Anashua

There's a lot of scope for parties at this time of the year. There's Christmas and New Year's to celebrate, and at parties people look for ways to jazz up the food they serve. They burn themselves trying to set ice-cream on fire, or end up doing things like pouring blue food colour into polau. If you are going to have people over this holiday, you can either impress them or gross them out with these cool cooking tricks.

You can make your own edible glitter by mixing a teaspoon of liquid food colour with 1/4th cup of sugar. Bake it in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and then let it cool in the freezer. This will make for some funky party cake topping that no one will trust you enough to eat.

If the glitters were not hardcore enough for you, try making some edible slime. Add half a cup of water to 500 grams of corn flour, and colour it with 15 drops of food colour. The slime will be tasteless, so you can use it to top any food, and satisfyingly gooey.

If you really wish to set food on fire without the use of alcohol, hand sanitizer is a safe option. Coat ice cubes in a bowl with hand sanitizer, and light them up. Use it more as a prop, and don't put the ice in your drinks afterwards. Hand sanitizer's not known to taste great.

Tomorrow in Dhaka Apon 5KRun/Walk 2012

What: A 5K run/walk starting from Dhaka cantonment organized by Apon.
When: 9:00 AM, Friday, December 28th
Where: From ROAWA, Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

Registration: Open for all ages. Register and pledge donations at 8:00 AM on program day.
The proceeds from the program go to fund the rehabilitation of drug-abused kids in the streets of Dhaka.

Further details will be available at www.greg67.com

Donations payable to:
APONGAON, Basta Bazar
Singair Upazila, Manikganj Distrcit
Post Mail: 97 Asad Ave.
Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207

Contact person:
Brother Ronald Drahozal CSC
Executive Director
Email: apongaon@gmail.com
Cell: 01711400502

We survived. So obviously there was a lot of talk about our brave clash with supposed destiny and us achieving victory by doing nothing but browsing Facebook all day.

Ark Rko Chowdhury (On 20th December)
Imagine how annoying Facebook is going to be tomorrow.
Sarah Nafisa Shahid Imagine how annoying it was today to see everyone say that.

Risal SR Sarker
The End of the World programme has been cancelled due to technical difficulties!

Didn't know they put BTV in charge. - RS

Neko Naf
You guys create a list of Doomsday songs and don't mention Globus's Doomsday? HOW?
*flips table*
Symphonic rock needs more love.

Samiha Binte Seraj
RS is going to be there in Comic-Con! That's great!

Yes, it is! Cosplay ftw! - RS

Samira Seraj
Hello RS! ;)

*RS waves back*



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