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We go to school/college/work and then come back home. And watch tv. And sleep a sedentary sleep. Or we could break out and do something that challenges us. Like surfing. It’s never been done before in Bangladesh. So why can’t we do more? Or put on an insane rock show like GWAR does dressed up in an alien outfit that weighs more than 10kgs. Here’s to breaking new ground.

- E R Ronny, Editor, Rising Stars

Impressing your Boss

By Confused Vegetable

We encounter a “boss” in all sorts of forms in our lives. Be it the boss famously called mother, the teacher, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, best friend or the boss at our workplace - we always want to impress them. Who here didn't want to be the teacher's pet? ...Just me, then?

But, what if you're the sort of person that brings a new meaning to 'lazy'? What if you'd rather walk to the ends of the Earth in procrastination or finish everything in your fridge (not a bad idea) before deciding to work? It's not like you don't want to work, but it's just that you CAN'T.

Relax; it's not your fault. I mean, how many of us are like that one person who's always doing every single task on time, that too, just the way the boss wanted it? Let's consider the boss at our workplace for example, the one who can leave us quaking in our boots.

Give a lot of ideas If you're not going to do any real work, this gives off the appearance that you're working. Best thing about ideas is that they come to you at the most inconvenient of time (did I say best?), like when taking a shower or trying to stop your cat chewing on the curtains. Giving ideas is much less painstaking than actually executing one. It's not guaranteed to make your boss overlook your total incompetence to do the job at hand, but it's sure to keep him from thinking why you're not doing the actual work…at least for a while. Presentation is just as important as the idea, so make sure to the boss plenty of Lolcat pictures.

Practice your puppy dog face Puppy dog faces can work magic. Some people have natural puppy dog faces. Other less-blessed people have to work towards it. When in doubt, Google. And then practice it in the mirror till it cracks under your sheer innocence. This might backfire, though, if you're one of those people with weird eyebrows or something.

Flattery is an art and probably your best weapon. The more you learn about it, the better. It helps if you're boss has a pot-belly/ thinning hair or is going through a mid-life crisis. Always be on hand to reassure them about their weight/ looks/ dressing sense. If successfully executed, you will soon become a favourite despite doing nothing at all. This step, like all the other ridiculous ones, is bound to fail if your boss is like Angelina Jolie. In that case, you'd best start working right now cause you wouldn't wanna piss her off.

Look busy. Always do something. Carry files or papers in your hand. Always walk like you're in a hurry. This will give off an image of you as a person who's working really hard when in fact you're obviously not.

Personal experience: it doesn't work for much long, hence the article.

Our first issue of 2013 hit a cord with gamers as they blabbed and drooled over the upcoming game releases. Of course we missed a couple of things in our look forward, and the rants were expected. Head to the RS page and leave your comments.

M Mamun-ur Rahim Zariff: Guys, how can you leave out Bioshock Infinite?
Mahir Khan There is always a game left out...RS writers have word limits too.

Hossain Al Wasi: So comic stores and conventions are not actually chick-repellant places. Damn you Big Bang Theory.

Ifaz Hossain: Frightened Rabbit is one of the most underrated bands, great to see its name being mentioned.

Ark Rko Chowdhury: Thanks to you guys! I know what games to play after exams! Btw what happened to Osama Rahman?
The Rising Stars: Fell in love

Risal SR Sarker After the release of xbox 720 do u think the developers will still make games for xbox 360?

Safat Alam: Happens every time, they release the games as always but unpolished. If the announcement comes at E3 for 720 then it's a wise choice to just keep calm and get it 2 months after release.

Write well, get paid

Looking for creative/insane writers who can think outside the box so we don't have to use clichéd phrases like 'thinking outside the box'.

· Able to interview people, cover events, take on article ideas beyond your comfort zone.
· Need to be present at weekly meetings.
· Lame excuses are inexcusable.
Send two sample write-ups with CV (mention interests) to ds.risingstars@gmail.com. Don't send us reviews. Aim for something you think appeals to our target demographic of 16-24 years old. It's one of the few places you will be able to write on the strangest topics and to fully explore your creative streak.

Application deadline: 31 January



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