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     Volume 1 Issue 1 | July 8, 2006 |


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In this issue

True to Life, True to Dreams
The Daily Star on its fifteenth anniversary had decided to highlight the many unsung heroes who have been relentlessly working for the betterment of the society in their own respective fields without caring for recognition. We want to recognise these Nation builders through Star Insight. We are starting our first issue with such a personality.
Learners' Club
In this section we will give some tips about the nature and function of English language. We will cover areas like some simple conver-sational patterns, some basic points about pronunciation, stress and intonation, a few strategies for developing vocabulary and, some grammar items, all placed within a context.
Molina ignores social taboo
She represents a woman from any walk of life, making a difference in her life and the lives of others through her work, ideas and strong will. The reason is, we think that women are still in many ways handicapped and have to go through many hurdles to find a sustainable place for themselves in the society. We want to make their voices heard.
The Pride of Kishoreganj
Educational institutes have always played an important role in fostering values and intellectual growth in our young boys and girls. There are many educational institutes scattered all over the country which have earned good reputation over the years in doing so. Many of these also have interesting histories behind their growth and development. This section will present stories of that.


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