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     Volume 1 Issue 2 | July 22, 2006 |


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I Dance the Way You Make Me Dance How Is the Puppet to blame?
With this article we pay our homage to Dhan mia, a genuine upholder of the tradition of puppet show in our country. A true lover of the art, he persistently refused to mix the age-old tradition of puppet theatre with modern techniques that some of the new puppeteers have been doing. We should do everything we can do to take this tradition forward and let it not die.
Learners' Club
Every day we meet people we already know or will get to know. Today, let's discuss a few different ways in which people can introduce and greet each other. When two people not known to each other meet, it is usually a third person who introduces them. He or she can do it in different ways.
Bororiar Mela
The district of Magura has its own cultural heritage. Bororiar mela is the most ancient festivity of Magura district, held in Bororia village in Mohammadpur upazilla, located 30 kms from the district .
Jubilee High School 120 Years of Success
It was the year 1887. Queen Victoria of Great Britain was celebrating the golden jubilee of her reign in that year.
The Government Jubilee High School was set up at the launch ghat area in the Patuakhali district town the same year.


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