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     Volume 1 Issue 4 | August 19, 2006 |


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In this issue

The story of Swadeshi Alkap
The northern region of Bangladesh has two entertaining folk forms called 'Gambhira' and 'Alkap'. Through lighthearted banter, songs and dances, and at times crude fun and jokes the characters of these folk forms point out the reality and often the absurdity of various aspects of our rural life.
True, Very True!
Hans Christian Andersen, known and loved all over the world for his immortal Fairy Tales, was born in Denmark almost exactly two hundred years ago, in 1805.
Being Self-Reliant Two Stories
Parul is determined to give her children good education that was deprived to her and her husband.
Carmichael College A Campus with a Difference
Established on 10 November, 1916 by Lord Thomas David Baron Carmichael, the then Governor of undivided Bengal

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