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     Volume 1 Issue 7 | September 30, 2006 |


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In this issue

Katyani Puja - Point of Convergence For All

The Durgra Puja is shortly followed by the Katyani Puja, which is celebrated in November. Although the city dwellers are little aware of Magura's Katyani Puja, it is a widely celebrated festival and is not only visited by people from all over the country, but also from our neighbouring countries.
Tribute To A Mother
Dear readers, we started up telling you a tale of a woman; but it is not a tale; it is a true story and the woman is none but our mother. She is to us a living legend!
Shahi Eidgah 300 Year Old Historical Structure
Among the many historical spots of the country's north-eastern region, the Shahi Eidgah in Sylhet has possessed for ages a significant importance to the people of different religious beliefs.
Rangpur Zila School Turns 125
Rangpur Zila School is one of the country's oldest schools. It has become a part of the cultural heritage of the district as education in the northern region has evolved significantly around it.

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