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     Volume 1 Issue 8 | October 14, 2006 |


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In this issue

Salma Khan Makes History…

Despite this, women were not considered fit to be train drivers for social and traditional inhibitions. Salma created history by her interest and acceptance of a train driver's job.
The Landlord's Bride
Once upon a time there was a very rich old landlord who owned a large farm and had so much money that he couldn't find a place for all of it. The old man was unhappy, however, because he had no wife.
Chalanbeel Museum
On first reaching the “Chalanbeel Museum” area in Khubjipur village, one might be a little disappointed not finding anything likea museum.
133 years of Vidyamayee
Vidyamayee Devi, not the goddess of learning (Swaraswati) of Hindu religion, but a woman who dedicated herself for education was the wife of Ramkishore Acharya Chowdhury and the beloved mother of Jagatkishore Acharya Chowdhury, famous Zaminders of Muktagacha, and a prominent Zaminder family in this sub-continent during the British regime.

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