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     Volume 1 Issue 11 | December 9, 2006 |


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Ustad Afzalur Rahman and the Inner Eye

Comilla has been playing an influential role in creating woven crafts since the days of the Mughals. There were numerous weavers in the Tripura state during the 17th century. The 1890 Tripura Gazetteer tells us that a woven craft existed in the area which employed thirteen thousand men and two thousand women weavers.
Space Pet
Sir Arthur C. Clark is one of best-known and most-loved science fiction writers of the 20th century. The central theme in many of Clark's work is "spirituality"- the meaning of life, and our place in the larger universe. Clark has lived in Sri Lanka since 1956.
A Public Library: Contributing for 82 years
By mid-day number of young and old men and women would quietly slip in here and look for the books they need.
A Century Old School
Anath Bandhu Guha, an eminent lawyer of the then Mymensingh Bar established Mrityunjay School after the name of his grand father at Atul Chakbarty Road on the southern side of the river old Brahmaputra.

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