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     Volume 1 Issue 12 | December 23, 2006 |


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The Mesmerizing Flute

They make various kinds of flutes all year long and sell these wholesale. The sale of their flutes flourish during the occasions of Pahela Baishakh, Janmaastami mela, Rath mela, Eid melas and during puja festivals within the district.
The Cunning Tortoise
When the Hippopotamus grew tired of pulling, he came to the surface puffing and blowing the water from his nostrils.
31st August 1971: A black day for Sylhet
Thirty-first August is a black day in the history of our liberation war. On this day, 35 years ago, the then Occupation Pak army shot 126 innocent villagers dead in a planned attempt and without any provocation at a remote village.
History of B. L Govt. High School
About 45 years later, the school
attracted the attention of Babu Bonwary Lal, the then Zemindar of Tarash. He came to the town with a palanquin to visit his lands and noticed the poor condition of the school.

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