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     Volume 2 Issue 7 | March 31, 2007 |


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In this issue

A Tribute to Shah Abdul Karim
Noticing his great interest in the mystical songs, Baul Komor Uddin, who also hailed from the same village, took Shah Karim in his group. This was Shah Karim's foot in the door. Later, he went under the discipleship of Rashid Uddin.
The Story of Malan Kumar and Kanchan Shundari
Malan Kumar did not know what to do. At last he said, “Look, Kanchan, don't you think I value my life at all? How can I go and make such an absurd proposal to your father? No, I can never do that.”
Hazrat Shah Mustafa's Legacy
King Chandra Singha evidently did not embrace Islam and he left the old royal house at Satpatiya. He built a new palace for himself just to the north of present Dewrachhara Tea Estate.
109 Years of Dattarail High School and College
109 years later, Dattarail High School and College still goes strong. The records show that people like Rai Bahadur Prokash Chandra Dev Chowdhury, Zaminder Kalikrishna Datta Chowdhury and Moulvi Bahauddin Chowdhury were responsible for taking the first steps towards building the school.

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