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     Volume 2 Issue 8 | April 14, 2007 |


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The Musings of Binapani Sarkar
She collects money from those who are well off to pay for medical fees for the underprivileged. She runs to the hospital herself with poor patients. Her meals are minimal. Day and night she cares for underprivileged children as though they were her own.
The Story of Malan Kumar and Kanchan Shundari
Kanchan Shundari sobbingly said, "What is there for me to say, O King of my soul? You are my husband. I have laid bare everything before your feet. I shall go wherever you will take me.
Bonkim Babu's Obhoy Ashram
The whole shelter stands on 2.5 acres of land, surrounded by greenery that bears flowers and fruit. A few local trespassers vandalize the trees and ruin its bounties. They even throw stones at the superintendent when he tries to interfere.
125 Years : City Collegiate School
City Collegiate School in Mymensingh is now one and a quarter centuries old. The school has had a very important role in spreading education in the district of Mymensingh as well as the surrounding region that includes Jamalpur, Sherpur, Tangail, Netrokona and Kishoreganj.

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