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     Volume 2 Issue 10 | May 12 , 2007 |


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In this issue

Sculpting with Shola
Later, a female student of that college was impressed seeing his handicraft and did everything in her power to help him put up a stall at the Bangla Academy fair. Forty of his birds were sold in an hour on the very first day of the fair.
Six Blind Men and an Elephant
Each now had his own opinion, firmly based on his own experience, of what an elephant is really like. For after all, each had felt the elephant for himself and knew that he was right!
Comilla's Legendary Roshomalai
Milk is heated again and again in a low fire to make it thicker. About 40 litres of milk is turned to 10-12 litres of malai after 90 minutes of stove-heating.
Reflections on Netrokona Government College
Over time, this institution started growing in size. Most of the noteworthy development has happened after the nation's independence when the prominent educationist Tasaddak Ahmed was appointed principal.

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