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     Volume 2 Issue 11 | May 26, 2007 |


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The Girls of Buraburi Union
The Buraburi Union is located in Kurigram, the small township where ancient ideas about women's aging still prevail. Women get married at 12-15 years of age and they return home to their parents at 16-19 years of age with a child or two for their inability to pay the dowry or other reasons.
The Demon of Stone Mountain
In the highlands to Tonkin in Vietnam there lived two brothers whose mother and father died in quick succession. A funeral was held, and while the younger brother was away burying his parents, the elder stayed at home to settle the inheritance.
Something is Hidden at St. Martin's Island
St. Martin's Island is the only island of corals and blue sea in Bangladesh. We know this place as a “Nil shomudrer desh”. Teknaf to St. Martin's Island takes around 3 hours.
Patuakhali Government Girls' High School: 90 Great Years
The teachers and students of the school also boast of their strong Girl Guides (for classes six to ten) and Halde Pakhir Jhak (for classes three to five) teams. Rokeya Begum, Assistant Teacher and Girl Guider said that there were more then 200 Girl Guides.

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