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     Volume 2 Issue 12 | June 09, 2007 |


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In this issue

Islamuddin Palakar: A Storyteller
When he narrates the story of his life, his pace isn't even. Some parts- happy parts- are emphasized while others are spoken of less. Besides, he is still alive which means his story is incomplete, and he is young as well.
Fairies of the Evening Star
As the sisters walked on in wonder, they saw the handsome brave take good care of his aged wife, helping her gently along the way. He seemed to love her more dearly than before.
The Biggest Banyan Tree of Asia
The surrounding people know it as Mallick Purer Batgachh. The largest banyan tree of Asia, Mallick Purer Batgachh is located eight kilometers to the east of Kaligonj. The tree lies on twenty bighas of land, its height is ninety six feet and it has one thousand four hundred and sixty sub-trunks.
Century Old Moulvibazar Government High School
There is also the allegation of unfair practices when it comes to student admissions. One senior teacher of the school in particular is accused a lot. The Headmaster denies any of the accusations. He added that all the teachers of the school are sincere

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