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     Volume 2 Issue 22 | June 23, 2007 |


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In this issue

The Udbhaboni Nursery
She went on to expand her nursery.
She included varieties of plants
like mahogany, lichee, guava,
hog plum, mango, black-berry, plum, jack-fruit, star apple, coconut tree
and others.
The Aztec Sun
Before the Sun that now shines brightly over Mexico came into being, there had been other suns; four in all. Each died away in turn before our present Sun appeared.
A Tagore Memorial in Sirajganj
There is plenty of Tagore memorabilia inside the Kachharibari. The objects of interests include shoes, wooden sandals, a bedstead, couch, goggles, palanquin, sofa, piano, harmonium and different metal objects.
Sylhet Government Pilot High School: 171 Years
A massive fire burned everything
except the administration building down. This was not the last of the fires. There was another big fire in 1929.
The school seemed doomed to be
perpetually plagued by fires and

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