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     Volume 2 Issue 16 | August 04, 2007 |


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In this issue

Six Days in Kishoreganj
I had visited this district before. But since this time I was staying for a longer stretch of time than I had before, this time it felt a little different. This time around I felt like I understood the people and the place a little better than before.
Loving the Master
And so it came to pass, that the next day the young lady made herself more pretty, and quietly went into the cottage of the master, when she thought no one was around. But the others had already gathered there and stationed themselves in hiding.
Saving 32 Families from Poverty
All these women, as owners, will lay claim to the revenues from the fish sold that were caught by this net. Koibal and others believe that every woman in Majhipara will make at least 100 taka off the net every time it is used.
Edward Institutions: Over a Century
The school, towards the beginning, had to be closed down as it was not getting the necessary financial support. Later in 1917, ten jute traders of the district town came forward to save the school and took all responsibilities to make a new start.

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