Volume 2 Issue 17 | September 01, 2007 |


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Kanu Dutt: Serving God
One day he became upset after seeing dogs rip up the body of a young girl and decided to form the Hindu Cremation Organization. He started cremating bodies for others for no fee.
The Fern Girl
The bride arrived, dismounted and tethered her horse to the first post. Her husband came towards her and led her by the hand to his father's tent. And the wedding feast began.
Disability is not the Real Problem
He said, the NGO's aim is create confidence among the disabled, remove superstitions and wrong ideas about disability, create awareness about their rights in the society and to make them self-reliant by providing training on various vocations.
An All-Women's College
The college was housed in a tin-shed hostel to accomodate the students coming from distant villages. Now the hostel has the capacity to accomodate over 100 students who mainly come from adjacent Madarganj, Islampur and Sadar upazilas of Jamalpur.

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