Volume 2 Issue 21 | October 27, 2007 |


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For a Greener Landscape
Kartik's almost unnatural love for trees has gained a reputation that has spread to all parts of the town- the markets, the schools, even the mosques. Now his family members have joined in his efforts and have started planting banyan, neem, mango and other trees.
Children of the Wind
When he reached the end of the path they heard him calling Wind as he unfurled his patched white sail. Then the stranger rose, as light as dandelion fluff, gazed long into the girl's deep violet eyes, as if making a promise to her, and said, 'Frish. That's what they call me.”
Visiting the Munshibari at Ulipur
A fight broke out among the locals when Arif Mia tried to stake his claim over the house. In the middle of a heated fight, Arif Mia fired his gun and two local students got shot.
A Free School for the Deaf and Dumb
“The boys and girls are brilliant in the real sense and so they can learn things easily,” Zahir adds, “I will try my best to make the school live on. The mayor and the acting mayor of the Sylhet City Corporation and some other leading people visited the small school at times. All had praised the venture.”

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