Volume 2 Issue 22 | November 10, 2007 |


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Lathi Khela of Bangladesh
The whole group splits up into two and fights. They attack each other with their sticks, and sometimes they warn each other, “Don't dare!” One of the rules of this game is that when a fighter is hit in the body the fight stops immediately.
Anjuara's Enterprise
She says it's not “hard work”. She is very happy to do what she does. When we went to visit her we saw that she and her husband were unloading 10 sher of hot milk and in two large containers were fresh curds. The process of the stirring and cooling was interesting to watch.
Children of the Wind
Aminata held him to her breast till her last breath, talking to him as if he could understand- as no doubt he did - telling him the prayer which eases death, yet still hoping for a miracle that would bring back her husband whom she loved so dearly.
Nabab Hochchamiya High School of Comilla
The century old school of Nabab Hochchamiya High School of Comilla is located in the northern part of the city. 122 years ago, the Nabab Hochchamiya had established this school at what is now Laksam upazila. Even though the school is now known as a 'high school', from the years of 1885 to 1969 this was known as Comilla's first English medium madrassah.

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