Volume 2 Issue 23 | November 24 , 2007 |


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Bangladesh Through the Eyes of Main Uddin
We used to play football, but they play cricket now. The Kushti Khela does not happen any more, now the kids watch wrestling on television. In our time, women were found in the kitchen cooking for children. Now, they come out to the fields to work for the family or to drag cattle out onto the fields to graze.
The Story of the Pine-apple Girl
One day the princess had her bath in the lake, filled her pitcher with water and started back for her home when our naughty youth suddenly threw a stone at the princess' pitcher. The pitcher broke into pieces and fell on the ground in a hundred fragments. The princess returned home in tears.
Hatkora Lemons
When you try to prepare curry, with Hatkora, you must be very careful about the quantity. Too much would ruin the whole curry. Hatkora is strong, so all that is required is a hint of it.
Coronation Institution : 9 Years
This adversely affects the students and their learning. The old building has not been renovated due to lack of funds, so when it rains the water leaks down into the classrooms. Some classrooms have not been used in a long time and are very damp. There is almost no sanitation.

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