Volume 2 Issue 24 | December 8 , 2007 |


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A Serpent’s Charm
You have broken up the homes of snakes when you were cleaning up the bamboo forest, and you don't even know it. But that snake remembers you. It is following you, but you don't know it. It will bite you anytime.
The Story of the Pine-Apple Girl
But he was powerless to do anything about it. So he quietly took the false Pine-apple girl home with him and began to live with her as his wife.
The Eliot Bridge
He heard the groaning of a needy man. The man had not a single paisa after he had bought some food with what he had earned all day long. But, the boatman did not allow him on board to reach the other bank without the money.
The Queen of Kutir Shilpo
Consequently, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, had noticed the Queen of Kutir Shilpo. Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, had come to visit Dhaka, in the course of which she went to visit the displays of arts and handicrafts in Dhaka Stadium.

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